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CodeIgniter is a simple solution for complex problems

CodeIgniter-160 CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework for full-range Web applications.

The advantages of CodeIgniter:

  • free platform
  • high efficiency
  • minimum resource requirements: the basic system works only with a few very small libraries. Other libraries are loaded dynamically only for certain processes.
  • maintenance of major databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • high security
  • simplicity in mastering of processes by programmers, who have a vast experience in PHP development
  • the use of MVC software architecture
  • easy extension of the system thanks to off-site libraries
  • search engine-friendly URLs
  • database migration support is the control system of modifications in database structure in the process of development
  • built-in caching of server SQL-queries and generated html-pages

Some facts about CodeIgniter:

The first public release of CodeIgniter was edited in 2006

CodeIgniter served as a basis for such frameworks as Kohana and Rain Framework

Types of work and services:

  • Website development from scratch
  • your own CMS development
  • forum development for your website
  • social network development
  • Internet-shop development

In the Portfolio you can see examples of our work on CodeIgniter and other frameworks.

If you want to order the development on CodeIgniter or if you don’t know what technology to choose, send a request and our experts will get in touch with you!

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