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Web interfaces via Ext JS

ext-160 Ext JS is one of JavaScript frameworks created by the Sencha company. This system permits the creation of the most functional and aesthetic web interfaces that can be used for all applications and for many purposes. One of ways of its use is the application of Ext JS in backend development or during the creation of mobile applications. Creating websites and Internet portals, the use of this system permits qualitative implementation of a new level of web interactivity, which helps create unique interfaces with a rich library of different components. Thus Ext JS is perfectly adapted to the majority of the most popular browsers, which makes the system versatile and convenient.

If you decide to order the development of Internet applications in our studio, using the components of Ext JS, we will provide implementation of:

  • Internet portals and websites with great capabilities of interface
  • Web applications with aesthetic and unique user interface and more functions without loss of efficiency
  • the creation of various mobile applications
  • means of internal interface creation that permits the performance analysis of equipment and online resource
  • other tasks

If you want to create a web portal or an application that will use a unique and up-to-date interface, and an interface for high-quality analysis and management of various processes on your web site using the system Ext JS, our experts can help you in this case. Besides, you can always order the appropriate modifications or additions to your system that will provide optimization and analysis of application performance.

A number of examples of effective Ext JS use.

If you have any questions or if you want to order an online application or resource that will include elements of Ext JS, you can сontact us.

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