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Backbone development

backbone-160 Backbone. js is a tool for development of JavaScript application frameworks. It is a very simple MVC library, which helps developers create interfaces and single or multi-page applications for your site.

Here are some benefits of the library:

  • rich API is a function of the library that is available for understanding and accurately written technical documentation
  • RESTful JSON interface is the additional capability for server requests
  • structured and readable code is clear to any experienced front-end developer that provides free connection to the team working on the same project

These and many other Backbone.js advantages create the most popular library among front-end developers around the world. Here are a few sites that are designed with the help of Backbone.js:

If you are looking for a Backbone developer, contact us and you will get:

  • high speed of your website, because a part of the computational load can be transferred from your server to the client’s server
  • high flexibility and scalability of your application
  • opportunity to create a website, where your visitors will not face page rebooting and will see a smooth transfer during the site navigation
  • ability to use the client code again thanks to the principles of object-oriented programming, which are used by Backbone.js
  • standardized application code, which will increase its maintainability and the ability of modifying without time and money expenses

IF you want to order website development on Backbone or don't know what Java Script framework to choose, сontact us!

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