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Corporate Website Creation


Corporate website is almost like a business card website, but a little bit vaster. You should decide what functions you need to ensure the client in your credibility as a partner, supplier and seller.

Earlier clients has used periodicals, catalogues and telephone directories of companies to find more information about its services and prices. Now the distance between you and the customer has decreased significantly, just a few clicks detach you from your future clients. The user's impression will determine the future of your business.

Key features of site development

  • solid and up-to-date web design
  • convenient catalogue of products with the ability to download the price
  • accommodation to all browsers
  • accommodation to smartphones and tablets
  • convincing text
  • customer’s reviews
  • company news
  • online advisor

So the user, who logs in to watch the site, will be convinced in the credibility of your company and will make a call or request and ask a question to the advisor.

How to save money on web site development?

To create a cheap website, consider creating it on the basis of ready template. IT Master Web Studio has vast experience in the development of sites on CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal. Today it is the most popular CMS with open source code.

Built-in CMS possibility helps create a full interactive online office for your company.

Benefits of CMS open source code:

  • free management system
  • high-level support , a variety of free video tutorials, support forums, regular platform updates
  • experts in code development
  • reasonable prices for ready templates, a large number of free ones
  • scalability of the system, the ability to rework and modify the platform
  • ready off-site extensions: modules and plugins.

Corporate Website creation of corporate identity

At a request you can create a corporate site with a unique design and a unique template designed from scratch by our experts.

If you want to create a site different from the others, contact us and our great capabilities will help you embody the most efficient solutions on the basis of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash and advanced technologies in web development PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3, HMTL5.

Check our Portfolio and ensure in our competence!

How much does it cost?

To calculate the cost of corporate website development you should fill in the brief. Project manager will calculate the price on the basis of this information and will contact you at a convenient time for you. After agreement of time and payment in the amount of 50 % of the development cost, our experts will start their work. We would like to notice that entrepreneurs can pay by bank transfer with signing up the contract for service rendering.

After completion of the work and placement of website on the hosting, we can provide maintenance and support of the site under favorable terms. It’s better for you to order the development of mobile business applications in IT Master web studio, as well as comprehensive promotion of your site using the most advanced methods of internet marketing.

Now you know how to make your project real. Get in touch with us!

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