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Search Engine Optimization. Internet Marketing

Final stage of site development is its promotion on the Internet. It will determine its position in search engine results and hence its attendance. Our team of seo-experts performs all necessary measures concerned with the process. It includes such steps as: registration in search engines and catalogues, creation of semantic core, content optimization and promotion via social networks. Promotion of the site will increase the potential target audience, income and recognition of your website.

Search Engine Optimization. Internet Marketing

It is clear that business promotion is not confined by website development, because of large number of competitors, and everyone wants to be in top 3 in Yandex and Google.

Creation of a beautiful and well-functioning website is just the beginning. Web site order in IT Master design studio is a good start, but further success requires a lot of efforts and time. It is necessary to make complex approach to website promotion and use as many resources of modern Internet marketing as it possible to reveal the results of your activity. Only the combination of all these factors will make your business successful and profitable.

Promotion of 6 months Website

As a rule these sites hold a certain position in search engine and have useful auditing statistics.

The activity plan for the site with a history

  1. Site audit. Position determination in search results
  2. Definition of resource goals and tasks.
  3. Key words matching. Forming the inquiry core and its classification.
  4. Competition analysis for each request
  5. Error correction of internal and external optimization
  6. Development of optimal promoting strategy
  7. Monitoring of modifications in search results and website conversion

The result: site position by the best possible search query will rise, the target audience and profit will increase.

Website promotion from scratch. Promotion of new site.

The new site is a resource that is not yet posted on the Internet. Or if it has been created less than 6 months ago.

It is better if the site passed internal optimization in IT Master web studio before launching on hosting. In this case you will get visible results in first few months.

The activity plan for new website promotion

  1. Definition of goals and tasks of the resource
  2. Matching of a semantic core (keywords). Forming the inquiry core and its classification
  3. Competition analysis for each request
  4. Addition of site to search engines and other search resources
  5. Internal optimization:
    • Selection of pages for each keyword group
    • Texts for website
    • Relinking of site in accordance with the inquiry core
    • Configuration of statistic counters on the site

The result: the positions in search results will change in first month. Attendance and conversion will increase 3-5 times in two months.

What else to do?

To increase the financial return of the resource, we use a number of measures that facilitate more complete coverage of the entire Internet audience:

  • contextual advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct
  • Promotion and advertising of groups in social networks
  • Distribution of articles and advertising banners on trust sites and blogs.
  • Promotion on Youtube

The way we work.

SEO specialists of IT Master web studio are also Internet marketers.

In website promotion we follow an integrated approach.

We develop a strategy and determine the most promising development paths. We follow all the points of promotion planning. Only the strict performance to plan will increase conversion and grow sales.

If you order the creation of Website in IT Master web studio, you will get ready plan for future measures and you will be ready to operate independently or set up a promoting contract with further results.

If you trust us the promotion of your website, IT Master will offer a manager. The expert supervises the execution of all points of the plan and provides you with weekly reports on the site with a complete list of work done and goals achieved.

IT Master is interested in further development and promotion of your website. Our successful cooperation will be a clear confirmation of our competence and high reputation in this area.

Leave your request to calculate the precise cost and terms of website promotion.

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