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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications provide smartphones and tablets with unlimited resources. Interactive and entertaining games. Business applications and various tools convert phones and tablets into indispensable assistant in the road, in business and in everyday life.

IT Master programmers specialize in developing mobile applications for the following platforms:

  • Android is the most popular platform today with the open-source code from Google
  • IOS is the operating system designed exclusively for Apple products
  • Windows Phone is young and promising operating system created by Microsoft experts

Business mobile applications development

Customized business applications will facilitate and computerize many operations which previously took a lot of time.

Features implemented in mobile applications:

For employees

  • contact with office via phone, email and sms
  • order receipt from server and its display in several lists
  • order display on a map and route planning
  • movement tracking of goods and agents

For clients

  • loading and displaying of product catalogue
  • dynamic loading of images
  • product description reviews
  • selection of products and order
  • basket with the option of the order editing or removing
  • electronic payments for goods and services
  • credit card payments


  • video playback and audio streams
  • social network integration

The number of mobile Internet users is growing annually. Today, it is used more than 5 billion mobile devices in the world.

Tablets or smartphones is a convenient, prestigious and functional device. Marketers point out that customers, who use mobile Internet, gain a higher average income and play an integral part in offline and online business.

Therefore, the mobile application development is the most relevant way of attracting customers, conversion and sales growth today.

IT Master will offer you a full development package that includes projecting and design, programming and testing of mobile applications.

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