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Maintenance & Management

What is common between site development, corporate identity and video? The initial stage of development is requirements specification!

It is necessary to make precise requirements specification for successful completion of the project. For example: several experts take part in site development. They are a designer, a coder and php programmer.

In order for cooperation to be successful and the precise terms of website development, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, which are understood only by experts. Even if the client is familiar with the Internet technology, he can’t always take into consideration all the details and make up a precise requirements specification.

IT Master managers made a number of briefs, so that the clients, who are not familiar with Internet technology, can make a correct and clear requirements specification for development and other information products.

If it is needed we offer our manager, who has overall responsibility for the project from drawing up the requirements specification to the final result: putting the site into operation and supporting during the warranty period.

After completion of website development you will get a warranty during 2 months. This is the time when the owner can get advice on maintenance, technical support and training on site management.After completion of the website development you will get a warranty during 2 months. This is the time when the owner can get advice on maintenance, technical support and training on site management.

Site maintenance after development and distribution on hosting.

And finally your site is indexed by search engines successfully, visitors are coming and making orders. Now you are at the right way of successful business and you have to sacrifice your time or involve an expert to support the site. How much does a content manager cost? The average salary of such an expert can range from $ 400 to $ 1,000 per month, depending on the loading level and the amount of requirements.

What a good manager should be able to do?

  • Be able to write correctly and interestingly
  • Understand the basics of HTML and CSS
  • Have the skills of working in site administration
  • Be able to use Adobe Photoshop for photo and images editing
  • Keep groups on social networks
  • Know the basics of site promotion
  • Know php programming

And that's not all you might need for successful promotion of your business on the Internet.

Even if you find such an expert or become him. For major changes of website layout or reworks of its functionality you will need the assistance of professional developers, the help of which costs a lot, because they are highly valued in labor market.

Even if your business is large enough and the budget sustains such expenses, it will be much profitable for you to make a subscriber maintenance contract for site maintenance with IT Master web studio. Why?

It is much cheaper:

  • You do not bear additional expenses in pension fund and other regulatory agencies
  • We have vast knowledge and experience in resource administration: errors and failures are excluded
  • All the experts are available at a low price
  • We carry the responsibility for the site.

IT Master web Studio provides services at all stages of the site life cycle.

Leave a request on the site and receive the detailed advice on all options of technical support and maintenance of your website. Good luck with your business!

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