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Web Design

Web design is a specific type of graphic art associated with the development of websites and various applications.

Creation of website mock-up is not as easy as it seems to be. There are particular laws and rules, which are unknown to an ordinary designer.

It is important to take into account many details and to understand the layout, the features of website engine and seo-optimization. Then it is easy to install cms, terms of website development will decrease greatly and resource pages will quickly get into search engine index.

Responsive Web Design

Today, one of web design branches is the creation of responsive design. It means that your website will look good on computer screen, as well as on the screen of tablet or smartphone. Creation of responsive design is worthwhile, because the number of mobile Internet users is growing every day.

UX design a scientific approach to website development!

IT Master designers use a unique method in web development, which is called all over the world: User Experience Design (UX design) and translates as Design of user interactions.

What is UX design? It is peculiar approach to website development. It is based on the use of a wide range of techniques and tools, involving psychology, internet marketing, sociology, statistics, usability.

Stages of web design development:

  • Study of the competitive landscape, the definition of goals and objectives of future resource.
  • Forming of a collective image of the user (client ), his psychological and sociological portrait.
  • The specification of user interaction and resources is forecasted on the basis of the first two issues.
  • A detailed description of the project functionality is developed for further implementation.
  • Web designer creates a prototype of the future of the site on the basis of requirements specification.
  • And the final stage of a web designer’s work is to create a site mock-up in graphic editor.

Web Designer is an expert, urged to create a prototype of the future website and work all the kinks out of the distribution of various information and decorative blocks on pages.

The real web designer is the forerunner of future success in online business. The history of the site depends on his knowledge and skills.

The main task of web designer is to combine artistic design with the convenience of its further usability.

Trust your website to experts, only in this case the rating of your site in Yandex and Google search will be higher.

  • Users will easily understand the interface
  • Search engines will easily scan the necessary information
  • Browsers will quickly upload your web page

Web design includes such types of work as:

1) Creation of website design from scratch. All the elements of the resource are developed anew.

At your request, web designers of IT Master Web Studio develop mock-up from scratch. You can order a prototype of website based on a modular grid with several design variants. And select the most appropriate one for you.

2) Website redesign, when the entire interface or its separate elements are changed.

The website owner needs to change the interface frequently, modify the navigation with the replacement of text or graphic elements and develop a design for new pages or add slides.

In order to avoid multiple edits before the website modifications, you need to see the final sample of the future site. Web designer will make all of the planned changes in the mock-up and you will decide what items should be added and what should be abandoned.

Any graphics for website in IT Master!

Here you can order separate elements of web design, as well as the development of unique mock-up for CMS Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

  • Design of the main page
  • Design of secondary pages
  • The buttons and menus on the site
  • Design forms of communication
  • Design of text blocks and sidebars
  • Design of audio and video player
  • Development of design and illustrations for slider.
  • Creation of advertising banners

Creation of advertising banners

The development of website banners is very popular. These elements of the site needs to be changed frequently. If you have a new action or a new product, an advertising banner is the best thing to inform visitors.

There are animated and static banners. Animated banners are divided by technology into Flash and Gif animations. In order to attract attention and a higher conversion, order it in our web studio.

Web designers of IT Master Web Studio know how to combine beauty and logic in one resource, to adapt it to all devices and browsers.

If you want to order web design or its separate elements, contact us in any convenient manner.

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