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Checking the site for its displaying on mobile devices

The number of mobile device's users increased to 5.2 billion persons. The part of mobile traffic is constantly increasing and amounted to 35% of general world's internet traffic, so every third internet user go to the site from his mobile device. The part of mobile internet traffic amounted to 75 %. According to the information provided by Criteo company, in the commercial segment it runs up to 35% of total transactions number in e-commerce. If the site does not have the mobile/adaptive to all mobile formats layout, it can lose 30% - 50% of his potential clients, readers, orders, sales volume, traffic and conversion.

So how can you determine is your site adapted to mobile devices or not, make sure that it does not lose the traffic and potential visitors and understand what should be done for improving this state of things?

You can check for free your site for adaptability to mobile formats by entering the site address in 'Url' field below  and selecting then the relevant formats of mobile devices to see the way your web site is displaying on them.
In the case of getting the negative result, you can receive the professional advises from our specialists to realize adapting your site for mobile devices. With this purpose you should just fill the contact form.

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You can check your site for correspondaces with Mobile Friendly criteria on Mobile Friendly page.

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