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Quality and inexpensive - web development, graphics design and 3D modeling!

Web development

We create the sites using modern web development standards. Your website will look excellent on desktop screen, as well as on tablet and mobile phone.

Interior & Exterior Design

You will be able to see your room and walk it before its construction!

Corporate Website


Online Business Card








3D modeling and characters creation

Creation of game heroes and modelling of figures for printing on 3D printer.

Landing page


Graphics Design

Our design studio offers a creation of unique logo, original website design, memorable advertising banner and beautiful illustrations!



Any Complexity Websites

Project development of any complexity:

  • corporate website
  • online business card
  • promosite
  • e-commerce site
  • web portal
  • landing page

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Search Engine Optimization

Implementation of search engine optimization:

  • semantic core composition
  • content optimization
  • registration in search engines and catalogues
  • social media optimization

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3D modeling

3D modeling includes such services as:

  • interior design
  • any surface landscape
  • architectural objects
  • characters modeling
  • 3D elements for websites, brochures, posters

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Mobile Applications

Creation of application that will increase mobile functionallity.

Mobile applications development include:

  • planning
  • design
  • programming
  • testing

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Design and Drawing

Creative and unique design:

  • website templates
  • logo design
  • banners
  • business card
  • corporate identity
  • illustrations

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Our customers maintenance includes:

  • support for clients
  • bug fixing
  • content management
  • analytics and statistics
  • domain name registration
  • hosting

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Web development company IT Master, Ukraine.


Each web studio can create a web-site, but the development of web portal is complex and requires profound knowledge and experience in designing and development of such sites. Web portal is characterized by a large number of additional services:

For contacting:

  • availability of Forum with the registration and personal cabinet
  • ability for users to keep personal diaries and share the information
  • ability to leave comments and references on publications
  • polling and voting services
  • integration with popular social networks

For monetization:

  • banner and contextual advertising distribution
  • bulletin board
  • privilege system for paid accounts
  • sales commission
  • subscription and monthly payments

For informational content:

  • news feed
  • news delivery and subscriptions
  • catalogue of enterprises and organizations
  • answers to FAQs

Key feature of the website is a huge loading of hosting. Creating of portal means a large number of users. Thereafter, a large amount of information: videos, audio files, photos and other images weigh a lot and they can reload the server and influence on its normal functioning. If the situation persists, it will decrease the number of visitors, the credibility of search engines will fall, and the owner’s income will be poor. In order to avoid these problems in the future, it is important to forecast all the possible difficulties and set up correctly all services on site.

All professionals in one team.

Only a group of developers, who can work mutually are able to create a web portal.

IT Master Web Studio provides services of necessary experts to develop any high-loaded services of a different orientation from news portals and municipal services to announcement services and job search.

The main web studio staff consists of 20 people: programmers, web designers, interface designers, graphic and 3D designers, testers, analysts, and project managers. We are working in a big team, so it will not be a problem for us to provide you with all needed technical support and maintenance.

The cost of web portal development.

It is difficult to define the cost of web development at once. Contact us. Outline the problem to project manager. You will receive a detailed consultation on web portal development, as well as calculation of all possible costs.

We work with individuals and legal entities. It does not matter where you are, in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, U.S.A., Europe or Asia. We have vast experience of remote working and thanks to modern means of communication all issues can be resolved at once.

If you are an owner of the web portal, which faced any problems during the operation and you are looking for new solutions, we have an experience in such work, and we are always ready to help you in this difficult but interesting case.

You have no time for searching programmers and you have poor past experience? Contact us! IT Master Web Studio can design any web portal and suggest the best solutions for your ideas.

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