ZBrush 3D Modeling Services

ZBrush is a digital sculpture and painting software. It can boast intuitive workflow and powerful functionality. The product offers the most advanced tools for implementing the ideas of digital artists and sculptors. This is the most creative application on the market, not limiting the imagination of Zbrush designers with strict polygon mesh frames. If you want to enjoy top-quality results, then apply for ZBrush Modeling Services.

ZBrush 3D Modeling Services

A distinctive feature of Zbrush 3D modeling software is that it is a hybrid of 2D and 3D graphics. The technology is based on pixols which can be called pixels, but with depth. They carry information about the material and orientation in space. The usual drawing performed on canvas in ZBrush graphic design program turns into a 2.5D image that can be combined with others and get a full three-dimensional object. If you have not an idea of how to use the software, it’s better to apply for ZBrush Modeling Services.

Features for Zbrush Design

Probably, you will be impressed with 3d modeling ZBrush features. They include:
  • Fully customizable interface suitable for a specific user or project;
  • Built-in PaintStop plugin - to create a sketch and automatically transfer it to the sculpting mode;
  • Spotlight tool allows not only texturing but also positioning the references which is important for those working with small monitors;
  • Transpose Move - for extrusion and non-standard scaling of ZBrush product design;   
  • SubTool Master - to manage all the sub-sights at once, their export and import;   
  • A unique set of deformations for each primitive object.

Hire ZBrush Designers

Zbrush specialists will help you enjoy all these features and make benefit from them. It is just necessary to hire ZBrush designers with a perfect reputation. IT Master company can boast such an experienced team. It will provide you with ZBrush architectural design or ZBrush industrial design in a short period.

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