YII is a highly efficient component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale web apps and websites. It allows you to maximize the use of code and can significantly speed up web development.

Yii overview

Yii overview

Сreated by Qiang Xue in 2008, YII framework is used for large-scale and modern applications development. Being a high-performing PHP framework, it gives the maximum functionality and accelerates the web development process. With a great number of features, Yii provides robust security, extensibility and a testing-friendly environment and helps development teams write solid and secure code.

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  • Used by

    General, Deloitte, Evergreen stack, Fujitsu, Medicus AI, Discovery, STS, theiconic

  • Apps built by IT Master Soft:

    Accommodation booking system, email marketing platform

Simple, effective and extensible

Development Time

Thanks to Yii framework’s ability to automate a large number of repetitive tasks, developers can invest their time and focus their attention on core business requirements and logic. Not only does it help them speed up the development process, but they can also complete the tasks faster and improve the product time to market.


With the Yii framework, you can boost your web application performance by enhancing the speed of your web application. Having an excellent caching system, Yii offers fast page handling and reduces the response time that improves the speed and performance of the web application.


Offering a number of security mechanisms, Yii framework promises authentication and ensures that your web solution will be highly secure. Not only does it help you build a more secure application, but you can also keep your digital product safe from nasty viruses and malicious codes.


With virtually extensible and highly customizable components, Yii framework allows you to meet any business requirements. Not only does it help you create a web solution based on your unique needs, but software engineers can also use different kinds of extensions and widgets to enhance it.

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Rich functionality platform

YII web development service requires the best experts who have the necessary knowledge of the framework and are ready to help you with site building.

High performance




Highly extensible


Fast development


Accommodation booking system

booking system

We created a booking platform from scratch. The biggest challenge was to make it for people who don’t have experience in browsing.

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Email marketing platform

marketing platform

Our team diminishes the risks of emails being blocked. The client can run mass mail campaigns and don’t have to worry about losing emails in the spam folder.

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What's the best fit for Yii?

With Yii, you can develop modern, secure and high-performance digital solutions with ease!

01 Small-sized projects

With the Yii framework, we can build any small project from scratch that will be compatible with all the devices and operating systems. Not only does it significantly accelerate the development process, but it also allows you to speed up time to market and ensures that your product will reach potential clients quickly.

02 Medium-sized projects

Using the Yii framework, our development team can create any project of medium size quickly and easily. Only by working closely on every client’s requirement can the team implement an expendable and fully-featured digital product that helps you to embrace innovative technology and drive business growth.

03 Large-scale projects

Our dedicated team of digital specialists can bring outstanding and large-scale projects to life. Not only does it help our clients grow through the innovative use of Yii technology, but they can also solve real-time problems by completely transforming their businesses with cutting-edge and robust digital projects.

Build your project with PHP-based framework

How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

If you want to hire our Yii development company, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

At this stage, we collect and produce essential information about a future product, identify the functional and non-functional requirements, estimate costs and plan project development. Not only does it help every team member to be on the same page, but it also allows the development team to choose a tech stack and define product architecture.

Step|02 Development

At this stage, we create the project roadmap that sets out the task-level details of a project. This helps the Yii developers to be in the know on what tasks they are working on and present results during demo sessions every two weeks.

Step|03 Launch

At this stage, the Yii development team ensures that all requirements are met, the project goals are accomplished and the desired outcome is produced. Once the product is free of bugs, the team prepares to get the project rolling.

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