Build iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and Windows apps by sharing up to 90% of your code across platforms. We provide Xamarin app development services to help you reduce costs and speed up your time to market

Xamarin overview

Xamarin overview

Xamarin was developed in early 2000 as an open-source project called Mono. Microsoft acquired Xamarin in 2016. We use this open-source platform for building native mobile apps with .NET and C#.

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  • Used by

    Alaska Airlines, UPS, Microsoft News, BBC Good Food

  • Apps built by IT Master Soft

    Warehouse management system, production line automation

Native UI. Spotless performance

Xamarin uses C# and native libraries wrapped in the .NET layer for mobile app development. It's a great option for building high-performance apps with a native look and feel.

Close to native

Xamarin is natively compiled. This means your Xamarin app is going to work fast on any device: almost as fast as a native mobile app, and definitely faster than hybrid apps built using JavaScript.

native look

Your apps will behave the way your users expect and will have a consistent look across platforms. We use Xamarin. Forms tool that converts app UI components into the platform-specific interface elements.

Support for hardware

If your application requires device-specific functionality (multimedia tools, GPS) we can implement it without any problems. Xamarin offers special hardware plugins and can access platform-specific APIs.

Wearables, TV and IoT – not
only iOS & Android

With the Xamarin framework, you can reach even more users. It allows you to build app versions for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, wearables, tvOS, and IoT; all using the same codebase. Write once, run anywhere.

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Accelerate your development cycles with Xamarin

Compared to native mobile app development, building an app with Xamarin is less expensive and takes less time. It's a perfect technology for enterprise companies that need to customize their mobile solutions across the platforms while reducing engineering effort.

Rapid app development

Rapid app



Native user experience

Native user

Scalable backend with Azure

Scalable backend
with Azure

Warehouse management application

management application

We've built a system that helps warehouse managers process orders, manage products, work with a barcode scanner, and more.

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Production line automation

Production line

The system automates production processes allowing to speed up and facilitate work on production lines.

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Is Xamarin a good fit for your project?

Our Xamarin mobile app development services are the best fit for companies looking to build mobile apps with a standard user interface and for enterprises who need to share their product's core logic across all platforms.

01 Perfect for apps with sleek and simple UI

Xamarin allows you to build apps of any complexity, from simple ones with standard UI to apps with complex animations. If your app has a simple UI, with standard controls and a sleek look, Xamarin is a perfect option. By sharing up to 90% of code on Android, iOS, Mac, and even more, you can considerably save your project costs.

02 Optimal for cross-platform enterprise-grade solutions

Flexibility, cost, speed, native app-like experience, support for hardware features, efficient and versatile back-end – enterprise companies that have cross-platform mobile projects in their pipeline will only benefit from building their applications using Xamarin. It's truly the best option for developing cross-platform apps.

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How we work

If you choose our Xamarin development services, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

Our team of C# developers will gather requirements for your project and prepare a roadmap.

Step|02 Development

We'll start our Agile app development process with two-week sprints and demos at the end of each sprint.

Step|03 Launch

Before release, we'll test your app across all OS and platforms. We're happy to support your app after launch.

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