How to Hire Remote Developers

People who are considering an option of working with remote software developers, often ask the following questions:

  1. How to hire remote developers with the required level of expertise?

    In order to get the answer primarily you need to understand the difference between entry-level programmers and highly skilled developers.

    First of all it takes less time for a good development team to have the job done. The facts show that just a couple of hours can be quite enough for a Senior developer to complete a task while a Junior specialist would need several days for that!

    Secondly, high class expert will make a proper planning of the project architecture, which will ensure easy functionality extensions for a site or app in the long run. However, attempts to save money sometimes lead customers to much higher costs related to refactoring of the code written by a nubie, cyber attacks from hackers or situations when the site just can’t handle the load after the increased number of visitors.

    Finally, it is not less important to take into account essential payment rate differences for Junior and Senior developers, and customers usually have no idea how to evaluate employee’s level of expertise properly and sometimes tend to pay up to 75% more compared to the reasonable market rate for a given expert.

  2. How to prepare a proper contract? What is the level of responsibility for a remote employee and remote teams in general if they are not a resident of your country?

    Working without a contract or NDA (non-disclosure agreement), as well as lack of careful elaboration of these important documents can lead to loss of intellectual property rights or disclosure of confidential data.  At the same time, NDA’s with individual freelancers often mention fake persons which cannot bear any responsibility for negligent attitude towards the client's confidential information.

  3. What means of communication are the most efficient during software development?

    Phone, e-mail, Skype, Whatsapp.... Today a great deal of various messengers and other programs are used for communication. With such a variety improper communication management often leads to loss of important information and delays in decision-making, not to mention the security of data transmission during the interaction process!

  4. How to set tasks to a remote employee?

    Professional managers use specialized project management software (such as MS Project, TeamGantt, etc.) and task progress trackers (Jira, Trello, etc). However, only 3% of customers hiring remote programmers are professional project managers, while the rest just rely on the professionalism of contractors in these matters. Unfortunately, a good programmer is not a good project manager, which leads to misunderstanding of requirements, inability to meet deadlines, going over the budget and sometimes even puts the client's business in jeopardy!

  5. How to be sure that activity reports sent by remote employees are true?

    The wrong choice of time tracking and workload control system or its absence can lead to the situation when the customer has no control over the remote worker whom he pays money! Such an involuntary trust to a stranger often leads to large cost overruns, even in the cases when the contractor sends reports about the work done on a regular basis.

  6. How to make payment for the work performed by software engineers?

    While working with a remote contractor, it is important to take into account laws, terms of legislation and tax regulations of their country of residence (sometimes there is no way to receive the necessary accounting papers for the customer). It is also necessary to be prepared for quite significant bank or payment system commission fees in case of bad choice of payment method.

Unfortunately, most customers of software services do not have enough experience to organize and manage the process of working with remote contractors, which leads to frustration and financial losses.

Some of our clients emphasized that if they did not turn to professionals in a timely manner, the failure of their projects would be inevitable, which would mean a significant slowdown in their business development.

For 7 years IT Master Soft company successfully provides software development services of remote IT specialists and is constantly improving this process. We are happy to help our clients in implementation of their ideas and are always ready to be their reliable IT partners.

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