Why prototyping is a must for your future business app?

Why prototyping is a must for your future business app?
Earlier or later every business owner decides to present own company on the Internet. Thus, he/she starts thinking about a web development and forgets about a very important point called design prototyping.

So, how the prototyping actually helps to avoid consumption of time, efforts and money during the development of complex projects?

Let’s face the facts!

Some entrepreneurs face following obstacles during their projects’ development phase:
  • Never-ending confrontation of “Expectations vs reality”. In the end, they do not get what was expected. This leads to the fact that entrepreneurs need to redesign their products with the same developers or to search for new ones.
    • The development duration fails to meet initial estimates. This postpones the delivery of the product for an indefinite period, the cost of development is growing.
    • Product users do not receive a solution to their problems. As a result, after the development, the product may not meet the requirements of its target audience.

    To avoid all this dilemma, we suggest our customers to include the prototyping stage into the development cycle.

    So what is a prototype?

    The prototype is the plan for your future product (website / web or mobile application, etc.), in which the main emphasis is on functionality, and partly on visual components.

    Prototyping is a tool that identifies customer needs in the functionality of the project. It has an impressive number of advantages for your company and pocket, among which are:

    • A real and clear picture of the project before the process development;
    • You can actually see the prototype pages of the future project;
    • You can try out the functionality;
    • The ability to quickly adjust requirements prior to development;
    • The cost of changing requirements at this stage is very low as there is no code that is necessary to rewrite;
    • Reduces differences in understanding of the project between us (the developer) and you (the customer);
    • The realized project will meet expectations as much as possible;
    • It takes less time and effort to develop a prototype than to write bulk specifications.

    IT Master Soft team fully realizes these advantages and offers you to enjoy them as well.

    Our team is ready to create detailed and interactive prototype including all functional blocks and elements, given locations of blocks, tabs, dropdowns, pop-ups and other.

    This is a product that shows full product functionality and is suitable for the development of online stores, services, interfaces, applications.

    Moreover, this is a clickable prototype with relinks, showing the relationship between pages, they can also be animated and with the ability to leave comments. We use such prototypes in complex long-term projects, requiring multiple negotiations and presentations.

    So, if you plan to launch a complex service, agree that detailed interactive prototype may be useful to you. In case of cooperation with IT Master Soft you can expect:

    1. A guaranteed result at each stage of prototyping;
    2. Plan your budget for the development and to have more than enough money for marketing campaigns;
    3. Full confidence about the project implementation on schedule.

    IT Master Soft has impressive experience is providing clients with prototyping services. We have already helped lots of experienced and novice businessmen.

    Prototypes reduce your investments risks.

    We will be glad to give you a free consultation, regarding your specific project development.

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