What is user experience design?

What is user experience design?

Before finding out UX design definition, let’s learn what is user experience as these two notions are often used together. User Experience is a currently discussed term in the technology industry. As UX continues to evolve and be defined, lots of people are still not sure what is user experience design and how to use this notion.

Traditionally, UX goes near the word “design”. Specialists working in such area are UX designers. To be more precise, User Experience Design is the process of creating a physical or electronic product. It should be effective, simple-to-use, and pleasant to interact with. However, everything is more complicated than it may seem to be at the first glance. Let’s find out more about UX design meaning.

What is user experience design?

Would you like to know what is UX design? The concept "user experience” includes all the experience that a user receives when dealing with your site or application.

    User experience web design is responsible for the functionality and adaptability of the product. Moreover, the issue what emotions it evokes among users is also significant. The simpler your interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and complete the target action.

    Some designers don’t know well what does user experience design mean. They believe that UX is just about visiting a site or working with an application. In fact, user experience design is not limited to this. For example, if a client leaves a request, but does not receive an SMS with confirmation or a call from a manager, these are symptoms of bad-quality UX. In case, a user easily and without barriers made an order, paid for a service or bought a product, this is a good UX design. Put simply, UX is the experience that the client receives from working with the interface. User experience depends on various components: site architecture, graphic design, clear text and responsiveness of the interface to specific user actions.

    Since user experiences are abstract, in UX design you need to study their habits, develop prototypes of behavior and conduct testing. Who is responsible for great user experience design? The UX designer does all this work.

    What does a UX designer do?

    UX designer is a specialist who studies the needs of users, builds logical diagrams of the interface, tests prototypes for the target audience and makes up the terms of reference for the UI designer.

    In fact, it’s a marketing engineer who examines user experience: studies analytics, thinks out the logical connections between interface elements and their location, makes up technical specifications for editors. And based on the research, she/he is developing the most effective prototype.

    What is UI design?

    UI (user interface) can be not only graphic but also tactile, voice, audio. We will consider only the graphic interface since designers mainly work with it. User interface design is the process of visualization of a prototype, which was developed on the basis of user experience and research of the target audience.

    User interface design includes work on the graphical part of the interface: animation, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos and fonts.

    The UI designer determines the color palette and the location of objects in the interface: is it convenient to use the finger to click on the "Order" button, is the drop-down menu working correctly, is it convenient to fill out the form, is the text readable from the smartphone, what message the site gives out with this or that action.

    Why is UX design important?

    With the development of the digital sphere and working methods, the virtual space has acquired  tremendous importance and has become more complex. The rectilinear static flow of information has turned into an interesting and fascinating process.

    But the secret to success remains unchanged. It all depends on how the user evaluates your work.

    Does the site provide the right information? Is it easy to find? Does the user enjoy working with  it? According to these criteria, the user makes an overall impression of the website and decides whether he/she will use it in the future or not.

    A successful UX designer must do everything so that the answer to all of the above questions is yes.  Good user experience includes all aspects of the relationship with the brand and the service / product that it offers. UX design plays an important connecting role in the relationship between future or current customers with a particular company.

    UI vs UX design

    The difference between UX and UI is that the UX designer plans how the user will interact with the interface, what steps she/he needs to take to achieve the goal. And the UI designer is considering how these steps will look and the path to the goal as a whole.

    In fact, UX and UI are so closely connected that sometimes the line between concepts is blurred. Let’s try to outline the difference UI vs UX design.

    UX is about dealing of the users with the interface. Such a designer works with abstract information: diagrams, tables, data - the interface of the site, application or program is designed on their basis.

    The user interface is the final result of the designer’s work. It is just what a person sees. The UI designer pushes the user experience and brings it into life in the form of the product interface.

    Benefit from UX Design

    As it has been mentioned above, great user experience design is a must for companies, especially for startups. If you have such then you will be able to benefit from it. To be more clear, you will:
    1. Create and introduce the right product. It is absolutely necessary in the modern world where competition between companies is impressive. Diving into all nuances of a good user experience design, you will be able to understand what people need and what  they wait for right now. By the way, you can use testing related to user experience to save efforts, time and money.
    2. Get your audience. Once you provide people with some product, you can do it effectively. In other words, you may gather some useful information about clients’ preferences, goals and expectations to offer them the product exactly they need based on all received data. Later, you will be able to create a customer base to automate all processes related to user experience outcome.
    3. Keep clients. Nowadays, people are very intelligent and they just don’t want to deal with UX design which is not easy to understand. They will not waste time on it and just go to another company. If you don’t want to lose the attention of the clients, you need a responsive web design.
    UX is a concept that is simply impossible to cover right away. This is a process that requires intuition. To succeed, you need a lot of effort and time to conduct all the necessary usability testing and meet the expectations of a growing demanding audience. First of all, you should understand that UX is extremely significant for organizing any profile. Whatever the business, you should think about good UX design.

    Hope, now you have a full idea of what is UX design. It is necessary to keep to all its details, search for UX design examples and have the right approach to achieve new important goals. Take care of good user experience design today and enjoy a pleasant outcome tomorrow!

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