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Web App For Health Industry

Web App For Health Industry


The client wants to remain anonymous as this project was developed under an NDA because the business is still in its pre-commercial stage and it would be untimely to disclose much detail before the official marketing campaign. We can still describe, however, some facts of our successful collaboration and technical aspects of their web app building and extension of functionality. The project is a combination of a professional network of specialists, career development tool and information portal. The customer reached out to us with a request to review the legacy code of the app built a few years ago by another team, refactor its core modules and create a number of new features based on the new design and layout. Our team got down to work with such enthusiasm that we managed to foresee a lot of client's expectations even before they were discussed in our meetings!

Incoming request Incoming request

The customer reached out to us through the online chat function on our corporate website and asked for 2 fullstack developers and a project manager so that he himself could concentrate on his product ownership role and work together with the team on his web app. In order to make sure that the professional level of each teammate is sufficient the client also asked for CV's and code samples.

Pre-sale stage Pre-sale stage

At this stage, we studied all the technical documentation from previous developers and whitepapers supplied by the client and made a proposal that included the technological stack for implementation, management framework, ballpark module estimates to evaluate the price range for the T&M contract as well as a preliminary project scope for the initial stages of development. The customer discussed the proposal with us in a series of meetings and signed the contract when all was agreed.

Code review Code review

That was an extremely important step of the project at its initial stage as the decisions made after the code review determined all further development strategies and plans. We needed to define whether the code created a few years ago was still usable and had potential for extension. We were informed by the client that plans for future development included adding a lot of new features so we were to decide whether we could tweak the existing code applying targeted refactoring where needed and still use it as a basis for all further functionality changes or start the development from scratch based on the most up to date development practices. The code appeared to be readable and functional and it was eventually decided to use it partially on the project. The team structure started to take its shape so we onboarded 2 fullstack developers to work with Yii2 and Vue.js frameworks, a QA specialist and a project manager. We presented the results to the client and agreed on the scope for the first 3 sprints to start with.

Development Development

The project development was accomplished in accordance with the principles of Agile methodology as that was one of the main requirements from the client whose role was a product owner. He himself was a supporter of SCRUM and he wanted to track the results of each sprint in order to adjust the scope on their basis. The first three sprints were estimated by the client and he just wanted to see if his vision is similar to the team’s capabilities. It was not a strict control by any means but just a desire to understand the process better, so if the guys needed significantly more time to complete a task, we just needed to explain why. Over the 1.5 years of development the team managed to implement a lot of new important modules and features:

  • Significantly extended the admin part: introduced a multilevel administration of the portal, so that each admin could control and manage their specific domain.
  • Added new user roles with specific sets of permissions and functions: the idea was that each user could only access the information allowed for their user type and that entailed enhancements in the registration process and data security.
  • Updated the website design: we refreshed the overall look of the interface and improved control elements (sliders, buttons, scrollbars, etc.)
  • Introduced complex charts in the system: the system collects a lot of data and it was crucial for the user to see all the data well organized and vividly displayed in an intuitive way (pie charts, diagrams, etc.)

Results &
business value

Business goals of the project are still in the process of their implementation. We created a reliable and efficient system ready to be used commercially. Now the client’s task is to attract more professional societies to join the platform and thus seek new investments. Also in the future they are planning to introduce paid user types and we’ll eagerly help them with this task and implement all new features needed for that.

Client feedback

Client feedback

I wanted to extend thanks from the company leadership to everyone on this team and thank you for your hard work.
Thank You to this team for your hard work and help bringing our idea to life.

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