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Vue.js overview

Vue.js overview

Vue.js was created by Evan You, an ex-Google employee with an intention to make the best of Angular and build a custom tool, but a lighter weight one. Evan released Vue.js in 2014 and today it has a big ecosystem. Our PHP devs started using Vue.js 4 years ago because it works well with Laravel.

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  • Official site

  • Used by

    Adobe, Behance, Alibaba, Gitlab

  • Apps built by IT Master Soft

    Data collection website, an app for a music school

Vue.js is all about flexibility

Vue is highly flexible and integrates well with other technologies. You can use it to develop a large single-page app as well as to build a small interactive part of the UI. Vue is used by over 1 million websites.

Clean structure,
reusable components

Components in Vue are small, self-contained, and can be reused throughout the application. Making use of built-in components saves you from reinventing the wheel and reduces web development time. Building with Vue allows developers to follow one of the main coding principles: keep it simple stupid.

Integrates into
other apps

With Vue, you can develop a new web application as well as integrate it into pre-existing applications. For example, Vue integrates well with Laravel, and that’s why we often use them together. If you have a heavy project that needs a performance boost, you can gradually rewrite it in Vue, component by component.

Best of both

Inspired by two great web development frameworks – React and Angular – Vue is the best of both worlds. Just like React, it's component-based and uses Virtual DOM. These features contribute to fast performance. Just like Angular, it has directives, two-way data binding, and written in TypeScript (Vue.js version 3).

Tiny in size, with
great capabilities

Vue is the smallest of all the most popular JS frameworks. It's fast to install and offers excellent performance. Powering your app's frontend with Vue positively impacts your app’s user experience. Despite the size, Vue has a wide ecosystem of libraries that you can use to speed up your development. This technology has a fast-growing community.

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Building blazing fast, beautiful, and maintainable products

Vue.js is a perfect technology for developing interactive high-performing websites. Our Vue.js development company always recommends it for products designed to grab attention such as marketing campaign websites.

Interactive elements

Interactive elements

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

Blazing fast coding speed

Blazing fast coding speed

Scalable and maintainable

Scalable and maintainable

Data collection for the healthcare industry

Data collection
for the healthcare industry

We used Vue.js for building a website that collects statistics about salaries and working conditions of healthcare professionals across the country.

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Web app for music schools

Web app
for music schools

The app connects music school teachers, students, and their parents to build lesson schedules, monitor the attendance of classes and the progress of students, and simplify accounting.

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When Vue.js is the best fit

Vue.js is a perfect choice for small projects such as prototypes, MVPs, or one-page websites. With the release of version 3, however, we'll be looking to build large scale apps using Vue.js.

01 Clickable prototypes

Want to experiment with a particular feature of your product at a low cost? Build it using Vue. We can help you develop an amazing graphical user interface with animations on top of Vue's command-line interface (CLI), called Vue UI. In just a few days, you can start testing your clickable prototype.

02 Minimum viable products

Looking to launch the early version of your product as soon as possible? We can help you build a perfect MVP within a month. Setting up your project environment may take only one day. We'll use Vue's templates and reusable components to speed up the development time so you could ship your MVP fast.

03 Existing projects

Vue can be easily “dropped in” to other projects. It seamlessly integrates with backend frameworks such as Laravel and other frontend tools (React, Angular). If you want to make your user interface more engaging, we can sprinkle some interactivity on top of your existing pages using Vue.

Build your app with Vue.js. And your backend with Laravel

How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

If you want to hire our Vue.js development company, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

We'll run a kick-off meeting to align our team of Vue.js developers with your project goals.

Step|02 Development

Our development process consists of agile sprints. At the end of each sprint, you'll get a build ready for review.

Step|03 Launch

We'll help you launch your web app and maintain it when it goes live.

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