ThankMe App

Idea: Beacon powered gratitude and custom rewarding network
Market Size: 19 MM shopping customers in the UK
First Target Market:

Independent and small chain stores.
Serviceable Addressable Market.
(10% of total retail businesses in the UK).

Second Target Market:

Independent service providers to end customers.
Personal Trainers, Taxi Operation,
Musicians, etc.


Beneficial Market Situation

Less than 5 competitors is present on the market so we believe ThankMe App has a good chance to become a major player.

Important benefits of cooperation with IT Master:

  • IT Master Soft used its proven Lean startup approach to outline the MVP level features and to give them a feasible look. Thus high - level idea, started to become technical requirements, which converted to real-life product.

    Lean Canvas answers one of the main question of all startups:
    "Am I creating something that people really want"

    It allows to validate business ideas at the initiation stage. This tool helps to define early adopters who will use raw products as well as target audience problems and solutions for each problem.
    Lean Canvas also shows if startup product is market ready by defining unique value proposition that describes the unique way to provide value for the customers. With Lean Canvas startups can specify their unfair advantage, main difference from the competitors, something that can’t be copied or bought.
    If you are startup looking for a great way to start thinking about real product please look at our Lean Canvas approach page and enjoy educational video

  • Understandable and transparent product delivery process, which granted smooth and predictable investment pitch preparation.
  • Account management with a human face, where customers fears and hopes were treated with respect and care.
  • Deep versatile expertise with innovative technologies, which made it possible to deliver even more appealing results on time.

Our customer's review

Alex Stone, CEO, Alesto ltd

“I was glad to find IT Master. They offered turn-key solution and complete management.They looked after the whole process.”
“We had a very easy and a nice conversation. I lay out all my requirements and the guys are brilliant. They understood exactly what I wanted. The guys are supplying regular updates and I get to see the application on building on fortnight basis.”
“I very much recommend IT Master to anyone else looking to outsource development, particular projects or additional developers. I would certainly continue working with IT Master and use them for any future projects"

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