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The power of a company is hidden in its team

Starting 2012 as a team of passionate professionals, during the years we became masters of matching technical skills and commitment to let your business grow. Concentration on our customer’s business, their success, and potential these are those distinctive features, which make us truly reliable IT Partners.Whether you need to start a whole new software project from scratch, add new functionality to the current project or simply improve the code and fix bugs, we are ready to help you. If your project requires web development or mobile application development, data analytics. technical expertise or software testing, we will setup a team of certified developers that will deliver effective solutions.

We have an ability to hire great professionals for every technology available on the market. You can be sure that we thoroughly pick our team members. Candidates pass interview not only for tech skills but for soft skills as well. Do not hesitate to hire your remote dedicated team that will be a part of your in-house team. Receive full control over team size and team extension.

What is great in team extension with IT Master?
Why do you need to hire developers team when you can easily have your own in-house crew?
Just check out the benefits of hiring dedicated project team:
  • Scalability
    Mastering the freedom of your business, augmenting your team and adding excellent development skills.
  • Commitment
    Keeping our commitments, ensuring your accomplishments.
  • Flexibility
    Adjusting to your process and product on every new level and stay by with every change.
  • Time savings
    Grasping your ideas, assembling teams and ensuring your successful deployment.
  • Decreased operational hassles
    Concentrate on your business, not the office routine.

You don't need to lose your sleep while thinking about where and how to hire developers. Let us worry about all mentioned above areas. You can focus on what you do best. Your business.

How you start augmenting your team?
If you are ready to receive highly efficient services, hire our dedicated development team. Wonder how the process usually goes?
  • first touch
    First Touch
    We consider the scope
    of your project and
    define the main requirements.
  • search
    Candidate Screening
    We review CVs,
  • selection
    Candidate Selection
    You identify
    top candidates.
  • progress
    Team Onboarding
    Introduce your process
    to our developers.
  • community
    On-Demand Scaling
    We can provide more
    developers on-demand.

Your business vision needs freedom? Your team needs an augmentation? You are thinking about adding skilled developers fast? Contact us now!

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