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Many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who use the Internet in their business come across various difficulties related to website or mobile application development and support.

Why these difficulties are arising?

This happens mostly because many company owners and entrepreneurs while being experts in their own businesses, lack knowledge of the IT sphere. This can lead to situations when their requests for website creation or making functionality changes on the site are misunderstood by the developers. It often happens that business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t have enough IT knowledge suggest their own vision for the sites they want to create or change.

This vision is based on their personal experience, which is not related to web development. In 95% of cases since they do not follow the latest IT trends, their decisions are wrong, which in turn leads to predictably unsuccessful and ineffective solutions for websites and mobile applications.

As a result, businesses invest considerable funds and time towards the development of sites and solutions that just can’t solve top priority business tasks. The consequences are gradual slowdown of a business or even operation at a loss.

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How to deal with these difficulties?

Our company has established and refined for seven years the clear steps for working with business owners and entrepreneurs who need to create and support websites.

We know exactly how to figure out the true reasons of website issues and make all necessary changes. In most cases we carry out preliminary research of the problem and suggest optimal solutions. 75% of our customers turn to us again for support and functionality expansion of their projects. Some of our customer reviews can be found here.

We help to resolve issues related to website development and support in the format of online service. This means a great deal of advantages compared to hiring full-time employees or looking for local developers to join the project. If you are interested in the ways of how to work with remote developers, please use our guide, which will clarify many possible questions.

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