Software Re-engineering Services

Software Re-engineering Services

Purchasing a computer doesn’t decide the tasks of the company. Without a good software product, it is just a device. That's why the chief considers purchasing a necessary program that will automate most business processes. The workers are getting accustomed to the software and can't imagine their life without it. But earlier or later, any product is becoming out-of-date. As a result, the company starts losing money and time. Making employees work more will not bring an expected positive outcome. The problem lies in the product which requires updates and changes. Software reengineering will help you breathe a new life into the old product and you will be able to benefit from it again. This is impossible without the migration of data.

Technology Migration System

Using legacy application and information systems significantly reduce business opportunities and increase the cost of ownership of information systems. In this case, the migration of business applications allows companies to move to a whole new level of efficiency. And the use of cloud technologies and virtualization will allow in the shortest possible time to scale the performance of information systems.

    Extensive experience in implementing data migration projects and information systems has allowed developing an optimal methodology, which includes:
    • Portable information system audit;
    • Selection of the optimal technological platform;
    • Software architecture optimization;
    • Migration and refinement of business applications;
    • Data migration;
    • Expanding system functionality;
    • Functional testing;
    • Stress Testing;
    • Preparation of documentation;
    • Training for company employees and information system administrators.
    The migration of information systems provides a number of advantages. If you decide to apply for migration services, you will be able to enjoy all of them:
    1. Increasing the efficiency of information systems;
    2. Reduction of costs associated with the use of outdated software for its maintenance and operation;
    3. Lower total cost of ownership of information infrastructure;
    4. Increasing scalability of information systems.

    Software Reverse Engineering

    Reverse engineering is the process of converting a finished compiled program to its original state, that is, to the source code. As a rule, the reverse engineering method is used to study the program or equipment from the inside. The programmers involved in this procedure analyze the code and compile comprehensive documentation on the use of the program.

    Reverse engineering is used in the following cases:
    1. If there is no full documentation for software. If the software developer does not provide any information about the operation and functioning of the program, the user will not be able to find out how the software actually works from the inside. Ordinary people do not need this, but those who are versed in programming and want to learn the algorithms of the program or make sure its security will want to view the source code. Part of the functionality of the software may not be available only because of poorly compiled or superficial documentation about its capabilities. Only reverse engineering allows you to thoroughly study the program and identify undocumented functions of software solutions.   
    2. To make changes to existing software. Reverse engineering often helps in the industry when the source code for the program was irretrievably lost by the manufacturer or the company that produced the equipment was liquidated. For example, after a repair, a technique may require changes to the program code that cannot be made by conventional means. Only the source files application development can understand the principle of the system and make the necessary adjustments. In this case, the problem is also solved by reverse-engineering the program. Programmers will be able to amend and rebuild new software that will manage old equipment. To make it work correctly, you will have to change a lot: this applies to both software and control boards.
    If you want to order engineering services and be sure everything will be at the highest level, then you should be very attentive while choosing the company to entrust such an important issue.

    Where to Order Re-engineering Services

    Software engineering services are quite complex, even for experienced programmers. Only professionals can carry out all work on modifying existing software. The IT Master team has extensive experience in this field, and is pleased to offer you the services of highly qualified programmers in the following areas:
    We will provide you with the required services at such stages:
    1. Analysis of the current situation;
    2. Preparation of technical specifications for work on software upgrades;
    3. Carrying out modernization of software;
    4. Product development testing;
    5. Software implementation.
    Applying to IT Master, you get a full range of services software from real webmasters - from conducting an analysis of the current situation and highlighting the main areas of work to teaching you how to administer an improved system. We offer services in all areas related to site maintenance, including creation, promotion, mobile technologies, and business solutions. Such a wide range of offers allows us to solve absolutely all the tasks that our clients set before us, ensuring the efficiency and quality of your application development.

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