Software Re-engineering Services

Nowadays business environment is very dynamic and rapid. A lot of technology changes are occurring yearly, even monthly. As a result businesses all over the world have to adapt to new circumstances or their application will be running on legacy systems and become outdated. So if you don’t want to fall behind the competitors you have to be up-to-date and efficient. There is only one way to keep up the pace with the latest technologies and not to develop your applications from scratch: Re-engineering.

IT Master is specializing in migrating your legacy system from old technology to the newer platforms and in modernizing your overall system. We can resolve all issues that affect your app performance and are not capable to meet your demanding business needs anymore. Asking yourself when it is time to use software re-engineering services? There can be numerous reasons, just check out and if something applies to you let us help your business to operate better and achieve better interaction with your customers:

  • The software is outdated and needs improvement but you don’t have an opportunity to start a new development.
  • You are transitioning to new platform.
  • The software is working good, but you need to add new features.
  • You are expanding your geographical business area and adjusting the software to new market.
  • The software started to work slowly because of increasing number of users.
  • You are integrating the software.
  • The software has bugs that previous team can’t fix.
  • You don’t want to cooperate with your previous development team.
  • The software has difficult to understand interface for users but otherwise it is functional.
IT Master modern software solutions will let you not to compromise in quality and be as flexible as the market demands.

We provide following software re-engineering services:

  • Re-building legacy applications   
  • Complete system redevelopment
  • Data migration services of languages, databases, platforms    
  • Refactoring custom applications
  • System functionality extension
  • Software integration

Technology Migration System

Our dedicated development team follows mentioned below re-engineering process:

  1. Analysis. Here we understand current status of the software.
  2. Discussion. We are showing you areas of improvement for your software.
  3. Implementation. Once all details are discussed, we are updating your software to     meet current market requirements.
  4. Deployment. Your enhanced software can be used in the live environment.

Rely on IT Master to turn your legacy software into cost-effective and progressive tool. We know what re-engineering solutions work for your business. Before handing updated software to you we ensure that the system is well tuned. Do not hesitate to choose IT Master for software re-engineering services as you will enjoy following benefits:

  • Improve your customers’ user experience by adding more features to your existing functionality.
  • Enhance business value by re-building outdated software.
  • Save time by migrating to more sufficient solution.
  • Expand your market by using the latest technologies.   
  • Minimize the cost by using existing legacy application. No need to start  development from scratch if you’ve already invested time and money.

If you feel that you need to boost functional capabilities of your software, contact IT Master now

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