Service Prototyping

Service Prototyping

Have you ever heard such a phrase as website design prototyping? Actually, it is not new at all and people who care about own business reputation are widely using it. To begin with, let's understand what a prototype is. It is a diagram of all or several pages of a site as an outline, sketch, or HTML document, where interactions and structural elements of the future site are displayed: menus, buttons, forms, and others. The interactions are neatly modeled and as close as possible to what will be in the final product. Usually, prototyping web design is developed with adaptability for different devices (tablet, phone, PC).

Service Prototyping

Frankly speaking, there are business owners who don’t understand the reasons of ordering rapid prototyping web design. Let’s see at the example of house building.

    Imagine you want to build a house. You can certainly entrust all the team of builders and rely on their experience and then see what will happen. But this is not recommended because of serious cost and risk. Therefore, at the initial stage, they make a project of the house, then design, and only after that they start construction. Similarly, you need to do with the development of the site. Start working with the project site, in this case - web design prototyping.

    As you can see, prototyping is a must if you don’t want to spend time, money and efforts. So, don’t hesitate and apply to a professional team. It will be able to meet all your requirements and present winning prototyping UI design.

    Product Design and Prototyping

    Prototyping responsive web design has lots of benefits. So, if you can’t decide whether UX design prototyping is necessary for you or not, then this list will definitely help you with making the decision:
    • A professional prototype presents a general idea of ​​how a website will look in the end;
    • Prototyping allows to simplify the process of design development;
    • A site's sketch is a must if you do not realize what exactly you expect from the site;
    • It allows to identify unwanted elements;
    • Prototyping and modelmaking for product design reduces the workload of the designer in developing the project very much. Therefore, it saves the client’s money;   
    • Owning rapid prototyping design, everybody can predict the final outcome.

    What is Prototyping in Design?

    A very important point in product design prototyping is the ability to prescribe and show the goal of each page and the algorithm of the interaction of a potential user with a future site. It turns out, by making a prototype, developers essentially determine blocks and how they should influence the user's decision making. As a result, the technical task from the text turns into an understandable and logical system. The client will see it and decide what edits and additions should be made.

    Sometimes customers are not happy with rapid prototyping for product design, because they want to see a beautiful picture, a new, bright, modern website as soon as possible. But, after all, the site is first of all done not for you, but for your clients, so you need to start by understanding whether it provides the information necessary for your clients, and whether it corresponds to the tasks it has to perform. These problems can be solved at the design stage of the prototype.

    Best Web Design Prototyping

    Do you want to order rapid prototyping web design? Then, apply to IT Master and you will not have to worry about the final result because:
    1. We do not do the prototype at random. Before starting, we analyze competitors, product, analogs and highlight the main strengths.
    2. At the design stage of the site prototype, a team works on the project that details the portraits of users, develops the map of users’ behavior on the project and is looking for optimal ways to implement their tasks;    
    3. We have worked out a new design of user experience so that there is such an appearance that helps visitors perform targeted actions: inquiries, purchases, calls, etc.
    4. We will definitely design the interface for all devices that users will work with (phone, tablet, PC, a widescreen monitor).   
    5. We make maximum use of our experience gained on many projects in order to create a prototype of the site using the best solutions.  Additionally, we successfully apply Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Axure RP and Corel Draw.   
    6. We cooperate with you during the whole process so it is possible to make the most important decisions, involving project users that allows us to increase the quantity and quality of new and create the best prototype of an online store, a site or service.
    Of course, these are not all advantages of IT Master prototyping service design. So, don’t waste time and get in touch with us right now to see what we can offer you and your business.

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