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Safsira is an online service that gives buyers from Israel an opportunity to order goods right from the overseas manufacturers. No more long-time browsing through the internet. Safsira service has already done all the research for the buyers. Moreover, to improve buying experience Safsira not only offers relevant and detailed information about required products, but also collects reviews from every interested user so every next customer can take better purchase decision. Customers are able to purchase from the most reliable sellers now. Everyone can order goods even at night when all the stores closed.

how it works

Service cooperates with the sales agents in the country where goods are produced. Customers just need to choose required item in their region by convenient and easy-to-use search. Users don’t have to open any additional cards, accounts, or register on different websites selling products. After placing the order, customer will be automatically redirected to the payment page. Payment can be done by credit/debit cards, PayPal, to bank account directly or even by cash through Safsira representatives. This service is not just an ordinary online store. It serves as a personal agent that helps and supports customers in their online shopping, starting from choosing the goods and ending with receiving the goods in hand at the post office. Safsira provides necessary delivery support until it receives confirmation that every customer has received the goods.

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