Fast and scalable web applications run the React JS framework on the front-end. If you're looking for experts in this framework, you've found them.

React overview

React overview

React was open-sourced by Facebook in 2013. From a hardly popular framework React quickly went mainstream and improved greatly over the years! React has all you need to develop interactive front-end apps. We've been using it for building SPA and mobile apps for years.

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  • Used by

    Facebook, WhatsApp, CodeAcademy, Netflix

  • Apps built by IT Master Soft

    Video conferencing platform, a recruitment platform

React for web development gives you ultimate flexibility

A rich ecosystem, reusable components, and a proven track record make React one of the best frameworks for front-end development. If you want to build your own React JS app, here is what you need to know:

Fast to develop
and easy to maintain

React has reusable components that can be developed in isolation. Components make React a great tool for rapid front-end development. We can develop an entire app or build a website with React JS in just a few months. Maintaining that app will be easy. React lets you gradually ramp up features without requiring large upfront investments.

Great for real-time
high-performance apps

With React you can build fast and scalable web applications. This is because React uses the virtual DOM, an in-memory representation of UI that allows React JS developers to improve the performance of their apps by avoiding unnecessary DOM operations. React's super-fast rendering capabilities also reduce your page load time.

Lets you build
whatever you want to

React has a huge ecosystem of libraries and tools for building front-end. You can use Material design component libraries or Boostrap for faster and easier web development. React code can be added to your infrastructure, and the app's logic can be shared between web and mobile. With React, upgrades through versions are the easiest.

Works with
any backend technology

Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go – React works with any of these technologies on the backend. We don't only provide React JS development services. As a full-service web development company, we can take care of building the entire app for you. Our server-side tech stack includes PHP, Node.JS, and C#.

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Our React JS experience has been awesome

React is officially supported by Facebook and battle-tested by leading tech companies, and our developers at IT Master Soft

Stable code

Stable code

High interactivity

High interactivity

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Fast development

Fast development

A platform that connects recruiters with candidates

A platform that connects
recruiters with candidates

We used React to develop a platform that lets recruiters create job ads and find fitting candidates. Recruiters can communicate with candidates through chats, share documents, and control the hiring process.

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A video conferencing platform

A video
conferencing platform

Think Google Meet but for internal corporate use. We've built this platform for our own needs but can easily integrate it into your project if it requires video conferencing functionality.

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What is React JS used for?

Our React JS development company uses React for the following types of projects:

01 Apps with dynamic UIs

React is a great option for building large applications with dynamic user interfaces such as Canva, a tool that makes graphic design a no-brainer, or Miro, a visual collaboration platform.

02 Single-page applications

SPAs are websites that re-render content in response to navigation actions. Instead of re-rendering the entire page, SPAs re-render only part of the page that has changed.

03 Cross-platform mobile apps

React Native, a framework for building React JS projects for mobile platforms, allows you to share the same codebase written in JavaScript and JSX across iOS and Android platforms.

Build your web app with React. And your mobile app with React Native

How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

If you want to hire our React development company, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

This is a kick-off meeting needed to understand the context of your product and align our team on your project's goals.

Step|02 Development

As soon as our project roadmap is ready, we start our iterations. Sprint by sprint, you will get a build delivered every two weeks.

Step|03 Launch

We launch your app to the production environment once we've fully implemented our backlog. Then, we can support it if needed.

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