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These days mobile devices enthral all nations. It goes without saying that there are more mobile phones than people, and mobile Internet usage has been growing within 1 decade extrimply. This growth in mobile Internet usage demands from developers to build websites suitable for all devices. Finally, the miracle has happened. It called responsive web design.

Modern web developers and even marketers are increasingly choosing responsive web design, which allows you to create a page that can be perfectly viewed on any device. IT Master experts since many years have provided this type of services to their customers by default (the cost of your future project will include this service without saying) because nowadays there is no successful business which doesn’t have responsive mobile friendly web design. So what is this hidden feature? IT Master experts are ready to answer this and many other questions!

Responsive website design

What is responsive design? In general view, it is approach for which developer uses CSS and HTML to size, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content for variety of devices and window or screen sizes.

This technique is suited to sites with a versatile, or "rubber" structure. Otherwise, developers can pay plenty of time and resources on redesigning web pages for tablets and smartphones to catch up the lack of flexibility. Creating a mobile friendly website is admittedly finicky job and we are able to do for meeting customer expectation.

Benefits of mobile friendly website

In addition to its changing structure, responsive design has several advantages:
  1. The identical look of the resource totally in numerous browsers and on different platforms
  2. The presence of the identical URL on the positioning, that promotes SEO-optimization
  3. Developers must maintain only 1 site, that reduces the time spent on design and content
The reasons you ought to move across to responsive interface continues to grow. It saves you time, it saves you cash, and the most important is that this service allows your user to access your content the approach they love.

Designing a mobile friendly website

It is possible to view web pages though many various devices: desktops, tablets, and phones. Therefore, mobile users wish a version of your website be viewed with colors, themes, and content the same as the most website. It's a guarantee that they’re on the correct website. That is why one of the most important element is content. Websites mustn't miss data to suit smaller devices, however rather adapt its content to suit any device. It's essential to use Mobile 1st approach because the amount of mobile users is growing every day. It means that mobile sites ought to be designed 1st, then for tablets and desktops. This approach is very useful for responsive and dynamically served sites, wherever the content on the mobile version of the page ought to be just like the content on the desktop page.

Importance of mobile friendly websites

Here you can find the real reasons to transform your web app into mobile friendly web app:
  • Buyers from all over the world are eager to shop for things from a web distributor having a totally optimized mobile-friendly website.
  • In case you give a pleasant mobile expertise to your users, the odds are that they come to your website in a while.
  • Google provides additional preference to mobile-friendly websites in search results.
  • Companies whose websites are optimized for mobile devices have increased conversions by 15%.
  • Having a responsive website and a mobile application, and better of both, will strengthen and expand the capabilities of your brand.
Don't know if your website is mobile-friendly?  Check it by Mobile Friendly Test now!

The mobile website design development made by our team is an ideal combination of visual satisfaction and functionality. We will ensure that your project will be undertaken with great care on the mobile devices. And you can assure yourself in this fact thanks to our examples and best practices presented below.

Do you need expert advice concerning responsive web application? Or maybe you are eager to create a mobile version of your own website? Our experts are ready to help you!

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