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What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a series of operations and actions involved in developing software for small, wireless gadgets like smartphones or tablets.

Mobile application development is like Web application advancement and has its underlying foundations in more customary programming advancement. One basic distinction, still, is that mobile apps (applications) are frequently developed particularly to exploit the novel highlights a specific cell phone offers.

What all gadgets are required for mobile app development?

Mobile applications are created to offer answers for particular business challenges. Difficulties may fluctuate based on the device's, working framework, highlights and screen size.

What are hybrid apps features?

  • JS, CSS, XML/HTML languages are usually used to create such kind of applications;
  • Finished code, for example, for the frontend side of the site can be fully or partially used to develop the application and vice versa;
  • One team can create and maintain code for both the website and for different mobile platforms;
  • Medium performance comparable to Native apps;-
  • Faster development cycle;
  • There may be limitations  when working with graphics, animation, the introduction of non-standard solutions

What are native apps features?

  • Development is conducted in programming languages specific for each platform: Java or Kotlin for Android, Swift or Objective-C for iOS, C# for Windows, etc.;
  • The code for each platform is completely divided;
  • For a site and for applications on different platforms, individual developers are needed;
  • Fastest and most responsive experience to users;
  • Longer development cycle;
  • A smaller limitation for non-standard solutions

What are the benefits of having mobile app in your business?

Increasing sales
If your goal is to attract and retain customers, by all means, you should have the mobile application. You can motivate customers to make purchases from you with promotions, discounts, bonuses. Send unlimited number of push-notifications to all customers.

Marketing tools
The mobile application will become a loyal friend when carrying out marketing activities. Information concerning new products, sales hits, along with a loyalty card in a client’s smartphone will help increase the average bill and stimulate extra sales. In addition, the application allows you to create an individual approach to each client. For instance, using the history of views and purchases of customers, you can send the ad that will be interesting to them. This approach offers far better results than ordinary methods.

Analytics is the ground of efficient marketing. With the assistance of mobile app you can get a lot of helpful data online for analysis. What do customers get most often? How much time and money is spent and how exactly?

Business processes optimization
Mobile applications help in solving a variety of business issues in management, logistics, monitoring, etc. They permit not only to enhance the efficiency of the company, but also to save financial and human resources. So, with the assistance of the application, farmers can management the sowing, logistics — to track the loading / unloading of goods or its movement, etc.

Improving the quality of customer service
Mobile applications can improve the standard of client service. For example, mobile banking nowadays isn’t simply a balance check or transfer of funds. It is easy to buy a ticket for a train, bus, plane, call a taxi with the help of this feature. By giving their customers the opportunity to book a table, order food or pay for an order through the app, a business gets a robust tool to extend loyalty.

Increased loyalty
Integrate loyalty programs into your mobile application and share with customers helpful promotions, discounts, bonuses. This solution can save on the purchase of plastic cards, implement a versatile loyalty program, and as a result increase the amount of fans of the brand who appreciate all the pros of the application.

Reduction of advertising expenses
The application is a further communication channel that permits you to be up-to-date with the target audience 24/7. Maintaining interest within the mobile application with regular customers through helpful services, you will be able to save on an advertising campaign and increase its efficiency.

Why should you hire Mobile Apps Development team at  IT Master Soft?

If you would like mobile app developers for your personal comes or for your company’s comes we are here to assist you. Our company has long-run expertise of holding comes for purchasers everywhere the globe providing outsourcing services or giving likelihood to hire developers. We are able to take over either the entire project or solely an element of it.

Another option is to hire iOS and Android developers from our team. After you hire such developers from IT Master Soft you receive skilled and knowledgeable, eager and dedicated professionals, prepared either to unravel difficult issues or support your current comes. IT Master Soft mobile apps developers continuously use the most effective practices and we never create hard code. This is what our customers are grateful to us for.

Hire IT Master Soft mobile developers to get the following solutions:

  • Social networks - commerce platforms with an excellent social networking part like news feed, posting, reposting, detailed filters, chat rooms for customer-seller negotiation;
  • Tourist & travelling - app for a taxi reservation (trip characteristics, addresses, roots, communication between a driver and a client, feedback with an operator in charge); app for tours reservation (functionality to choose a last-minute deal, detailed filter, orders arrangement and confirmation, feedback with the travel agency in charge);
  • Health care - application for doctor home visits (private medical practice, application for a doctor and a client, option to choose a doctor (big range of filters), patient medical record), root, a tool for doctor’s time scheduling, payment system;
  • Scientific activity - Hadron collider (access to CERN tests data online);
  • Media - news-feed application (online news);
  • Entertainment - application for children (slide trips, fairy tales, paintings), applications for listening to music (online radio, channels categorization, stations classifications according to countries and content criteria), applications for watching video (films catalogues).

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