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Any startup begins with the emergence of ideas, but it is important to understand that plenty of them is generated in the world every day. So if you have an idea of excellent service or application that solve the problem of users, do not rush to invest money in the development of a full-featured product and get ready for months of hard work behind closed doors. It is necessary to understand whether it is really important for customers or it is necessary to sift out it as non-viable one. There is nothing bad in your confidence about a particular product, it’s great, but it will be logical to check whether users need it and are they willing to pay for it.

Such an approach is more secure. By checking the demand for your idea, you will save yourself and your company from the vain efforts to develop a product that will ruin it. So if you want to save money and time, then pay attention to MVP development.

MVP Software Development

Have you heard about MVP earlier? Minimum viable product app development is definitely worth attention. To begin with, the MVP product allows getting relevant feedback from the users. The received information can help you understand their needs better, so that offer the required products and don't waste own time for creating unwanted solutions. It will also save your money as the customers are not going to pay for the apps they don't need. All in all, MVP is a beta version and a certain guarantor, which allows you to say with greater certainty that your product will be used after its development.

MVP app can be considered as an alternative or as an addition to research, which is important to carry out before starting development or mobile app development. The goal of MVP product development is gaining confidence in the need to create a product, or in the viability of unique functions, if you are developing mobile apps in an area in which there is already competition. Moreover, doing it is possible at minimal costs.

MVP APP Development

The process of MVP mobile app development is very interesting and responsible. Traditionally, it takes place in such steps:

  1. Determination and formulating the main goal of a mobile app (or the main advantages over analogs, there should not be many of them) that will be realized in the MVP. In fact, the product may have more advantages and functionality, but in MVP we check only the basis of the product.
  2. Determination of checking the effectiveness of the minimum viable product (involvement indicators, numerical indicators, direct user surveys, etc.).
  3. App development according to the opportunities defined in step 1 and preparation the ways to calculate efficiency.
  4. Summarizing the effectiveness of product development and drawing conclusions.
For each product, these steps may differ slightly. In some cases, you may need to create several MVPs in an iterative way before you reach the goal and decide how the product should look.

The conclusions on application development may also differ. So, do not hurry up to give up the idea, if the results of MVP app did not satisfy you, it may be worth considering what to improve and how. In this case, professional MVP development company can help you.

Benefits of Creating a Minimum Viable Product

Lots of inexperienced businessmen take the minimum viable product into consideration due to a number of great benefits it offers. Among the most important ones are:
  • Getting confidence in the viability of your idea in real conditions and on real users
  • Saving money and effort without investing them in a failed project.
  • Identifying the most important features of your product that are necessary for users.
  • Getting the first real users who will be interested in a viable product.
Do you want to enjoy all of them? Then choose the professional help of a development company IT Master.

Why Entrust Your Ideas to IT Master

IT Master is the best choice for custom software development. Unlike many other development services, we have fantastic experience in providing clients with MVP winning solutions for their business. A high-skilled team knows all steps of building an MVP and is ready to cooperate with you at any convenient time. We are going to show you what your business needs in a short period of time. Choosing our company for MVP software development allows you to enjoy:
  • The best prices for MVP software in the given market sector;
  • Flexible conditions for working with the best professionals;        
  • 100 % winning outcome that will help you choose the correct way of your business development;
  • Friendly MVP support during the whole period of cooperation and after it
  • Receiving top quality product in accordance with all important rules and requirements.    
As you can see, we have what to impress you with. However, it is not still everything we would like to offer you. Use any way to get in touch with us and find out more about the company and the best proposals for your business right now. We will be glad to provide you with any additional information on MVP solutions and their realization.


Let's sum up. MVP app is not a half-done product, made in a hurry. It simply contains only key functions which relevance it is necessary to check. There is an opinion, people use only 20% of the application's functionality. So, what's the point of immediately spending time developing the remaining 80%? The concept of MVP allows you to launch a product quickly, show the minimum set of functions and get feedback from real people.

On the one hand, MVP adds some task to the owners of startups: its creation and testing require time and energy. On the other hand, minimum viable product development or mobile development allows you to understand whether the game is worth the candle, whether the software will justify the effort invested in it.

So, think about the most important application you should check and order the MVP, which will test this hypothesis on the market. Entrust your reputation and ideas to IT Master and don't worry about this important process.

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