Minimum Viable Product

Benefits of Creating a Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable product Development can influence the success of your future product IT Master Soft is a custom software development company that provides full cycle MVP development services using various technologies.  

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - is a solution consisting of must have specifications, displaying the core concept and purpose of the application and representing the needs of its final users and its business niche.

In today's fast moving world, starting a new business without MVP can be a fragile decision. It may appear, that after the launch the actual solution does not fully meet expectations of its final customers. And the reengineering process may incur additional resourcing wastes.  

The ultimate idea of MVP is to develop a product ready for the market, that solves primary problem. In order to improve it gradually, version after version.

MVP Software Development

IT Master software development company uses modern lean methodologies as Agile for optimizing the software development cycle. According to this development approach the application will go live faster and you will get feedbacks from real users quicker. You must admit that collecting data from potential customers before the project start in comparison to the actual ones is way more advantageous.

Our experienced IT Master software development team will assist you through whole development process. We will help you to test your business ideas in a live environment with only minimal efforts.

Have an innovative idea? Our MVP development company can help you to bring it into reality!

How we build MVP

We plan the MVP consistently, considering the goals of the solution and its business, as well the end customer needs.

  • Requirements learning. We start the work with your business needs analysis and then we concentrate ourselves on user specifications. We define scope and the most appropriate features.
  • Conceptualizing an prototyping. We develop mock-ups in order to visualize your product. Such wireframes may help you to raise more budget, by displaying your future solution to your stakeholders.
  • Development. We are focused on fast key features development, that solve main problem.
  • Testing. Our QA specialists will go through all realized functionality in order to find field of its improvement.
  • Launch, Your product will go to the live environment and “tested” by end users.
  • Support. After a successful product launch we will help you to improve your product according the needs of it real end users.

Our Lean Product Development Services

  • MVP for website
  • MVP for web application
  • MVP for mobile app
  • MVP for business application
  • MVP support and maintenance

End users of your problem-solving service own the money that you are investing into MVP. And it will be reimbursed faster

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