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The marketing campaigns launched and run without the use of digital technology are no longer effective. And while there are a lot of marketing applications on the market, not all of them can be equally effective and perfectly tailored to the task you intend to solve. So, if you feel like your business needs to rediscover its approach to marketing and sales, consider creating a Marketing Technology (Martech) solution from scratch. IT Master Soft is nearby to save you from development mistakes and pitfalls. Contact us now for more help!

Marketing Technology

Who Needs Marketing Technology Apps?

  • Martech startup initiators. Do you have a market-disruptive idea in the field of marketing technology? You are at the right place to realize it. IT Master Soft would be glad to support your startup from the discovery phase to market launch and beyond.
  • Marketing agencies. Are you looking for ways to better handle the marketing tasks assigned by your customers? Marketing technology solutions are here to help you as well. Let’s create a use-case tailored software to let your marketing agency be even more effective and deliver better results your clients would be happy with.
  • Every company strives to enhance its marketing performance. The more advanced technology you use in your business processes, the more effective and data-driven you are. Your marketing process isn’t an exception, so using dedicated marketing apps is the way to unlock actionable insights, streamline routine tasks, avoid human mistakes, plan your campaigns better and drive higher ROI from them, reducing the operational costs.

Marketing Technology Benefits

Let’s unlock them all with a single solution we can create your business together.

01 Real-time analytics and data-driven insights

This is the core benefit of using Martech apps. Depending on the use case, they provide you with real-time data on your users’ behavior and marketing campaign effectiveness you are welcome to take into account when developing a new strategy and growing your business.

02 Smart prediction and suggestions

Using AI for marketing is a too good opportunity to miss it. With the help of more advanced solutions, you will be able to analyze, suggest and predict better prices, get a bigger picture of demand and supply, analyze and predict trends, operating in a fully data-driven environment.

03 Cost reduction and mistakes prevention

By integrating automation, artificial intelligence, and RPA into your marketing strategies, you have to set up the campaign once and run it unlimited, staying on a budget and gathering marketing data for further processing.

Ready to get all these benefits for tour business? Your future marketing app can promise them so let’s get started with creating it right now!

Martech Applications Types We Can Create Together

Data management, analysis,
and visualization apps

Fueling your marketing processes with real-time data carefully gathered, analyzed, structured, and visualized is the only way to unlock user behavior insights and effective marketing opportunities you haven’t used before.

Social media
management apps

While most businesses consider social media to be one of the top marketing communication channels, using dedicated tools for SM management and analysis becomes essential. Let’s create one for your business as well! As a getting-started point, you are welcome to review the cross posting tool we have developed for one of our customers.

Sales automation

The fully automated sales cycle is a cherished dream of any retail business. While it is almost impossible to automate all the process at once, it is still possible to start creating a solution that will help you automate the sales tasks one by one, identify time gaps and close them, for example, with the help of chatbots, plus store and analyze your customers’ data more efficiently and suggest the best-fit offers to them.

Email marketing

Email marketing has a lot of room for automation, but it still requires you to be creative and data-driven to make this approach work for your business. That’s why using a supportive tool always makes sense, and you can tailor it to the use case you consider essential for your email marketing - from having creative templates under your fingertips to automation and optimization. As one more example, discover an all-in-one email marketing platform we have created for our customer.

Featured projects

Take a look at the recent projects built by our custom website development company.

Email marketing platform

marketing platform

Our team diminishes the risks of emails being blocked. The client can run mass mail campaigns and don’t have to worry about losing emails in the spam folder.

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A gratitude exchange app

ThankMe: A gratitude exchange app
that uses beacons

ThankMe allows businesses to thank and reward their customers and allows users to tip, thank, and support each other. The app includes native features such as push notifications, Bluetooth, and a camera. We've built it really fast using React Native for both platforms.

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