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Marketing Campaign <br>App Update


While we aren’t allowed to share customer-specific details of our collaboration, the marketing technology app that we have redesigned and advanced together is worth mentioning as one of our challenging yet interesting and successful case studies. Our German customers reach out to us with a request to review, update and redesign their app for launching marketing campaigns. Here is how we have handled their request and over-delivered the result step by step.

Incoming request Incoming request

Our customer’s business colleague shared an impression of our collaboration with us and recommended hiring as a reliable and tech-savvy software development outsourcing vendor. At the first touchpoint, our customer shared a need to review their martech app, redesign it to better fit their business goals, and re-power it with newer technology (Ionic 3 to Ionic 5). But our collaboration turned out to be so fruitful and seamless that we have also added several additional features to make the app even better tailored to their business needs and the expectations of its users.

Pre-sale stage Pre-sale stage

At this stage, we have carefully analyzed the customers’ business and the existing app and developed a proposal overviewing the solution, describing the core architectural pillars, and defining the project scope. The customer approved the proposal and we have proceeded with team composition.

Code review Code review

To find out what skills and competencies the specialists should have to reboot the app, we got started with reviewing the code. At this stage, we have also made the final decision on the additional technologies we have to use to make this project even more outstanding. We have chosen Angular 8, Laravel, PHP, and Ionic 5 (the core technology behind the app).
Next, we shortlisted the necessary tech specialists and suggested staffing the team with a Project Manager, Quality Assurance specialist, and two front-end developers. After several interviews with the customer and deciding on our communication approach, we moved on to the technical part of the development process.

Development Development

We have re-developed the app following Agile methodology since it allows for staying flexible and quickly responding to the changing market needs or customer requests. We have also followed the SCRUM approach, according to which the development process is iterative. The decision to work in two-week interactions, setting achievable goals and measuring the performance, allowed us to meet the tight deadline and deliver the app on time.
In addition to a complete redesign and UI/UX improvement, our team was also suggesting winning ideas on how to make the customer’s app even more business and user-centric. Most of the suggestions were willingly accepted by the customer, and as the result, we have created a set of winning features:

  • Instant sign-in using multiple-choice options. The users can get registered using Facebook, and Apple ID in addition to signing with Google and entering an email.
  • Event management. With the help of this feature, the users can create events, invite the participants, and manage the event in an effective way.
  • Real-time news feed delivered from Facebook and Twitter. We have also added the opportunity to post the news right from the app.
  • Vandalism detection feature. This feature comes in handy in case the user notices the customer’s outdoor ads poster or banner is damaged. The user can send a photo report so that the company can instantly respond and fix the ad.
  • Gamification for employees’ motivation. We also suggested engaging customer employees by using gamification features. With it, they can receive bonus points for performing the task, compete for the positions in the ranking list, and do their best to win the main prize. They may also compete for the points in a team mode.

Results &
business value

Meeting the strict deadline was one of the biggest challenges we have faced during this app re-development. The final product was also fully compliant with all the initial requirements and completely met the expectations of our customers. The app gained traction and allowed the users to cope with their marketing tasks even more effectively. The number of subscribers to the app increased by 15%, which was the main goal of redesign and redevelopment. Now, our collaboration with this customer is going on in the framework of other, no less interesting projects.

Client feedback

Client feedback

We wanted to do a big relaunch.
The onboarding phase was very good and it felt right for us. The team helped us to improve the product by their own initiative.

We had the feeling that we dealt with professionals, trustworthy processes, and a well-motivated and trained team.

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