Logistics Software Development

Logistics Software Development

Providing transportation services, the company is faced with a large volume of large and small processes. Keeping track of them is quite difficult. Logistics and transportation software for transport companies helps to cope with all tasks. Professional logistics solutions are aimed to facilitate the management of customer interactions. It will help bring the service to a new quality level and increase revenue. This is what our logistics software development company is specialized in.

Logistics Software Development

Logistics, unlike most other industries, is a multi-stage process. In addition to the usual tasks of timely processing of an application and working with leads, it becomes difficult for a logistician to find a reliable contractor, interact with him and track transportation. Thus, one specialist physically cannot conduct many transactions simultaneously. The solution to the company prosperity and growth is logistics software development. If you still hesitate whether you need it or not, look at the list of companies which really do. So, let’s find out who should take ordering logistics and transportation product into consideration:

    • Businesses that provide services for the transportation of goods from point A to point B (within the country and international destination) should apply for logistics software development services. They get a full functionality: the status of orders for transportation, their distribution by vehicles, tracking, data transfer via the API outside or to your web-cabinet client;
    • Enterprises that have their own fleet and delivery system must think of logistics software development. They need to manage all available business processes inside the company as a whole and between the departments: e.g. between sales department and the logistics department;
    • Companies using the services of external carriers (take outsourcing services) also need logistics solutions development. In this case, API integration with external carrier systems is needed to be able to track the status of their orders, transfer information to their internal accounting systems, etc.
    Logistics and transportation software allows you to solve various transport and logistics problems and tasks directly using the Internet through a browser. Let’s find out what tasks exactly.

    Solutions for Transportation Companies

    Software solutions for transportation companies should solve such tasks:
    1. Request processing speed - there is high competition in the logistics  business. To receive a customer’s order, you need to promptly offer your rate. Custom software development allows you to automate this process and integrate it with all possible traffic sources that the company uses as advertising platforms.
    2. Transaction control at all stages. Application development product is designed to help control the progress of transportation and transactions to the last detail. The planning of tasks and the distribution of their priority significantly reduces the time required to complete each action and increases the efficiency of employees.   
    3. Sales funnel conversion - a clear sales schedule and control by the management will help increase revenue.
    4. Employee control - the manager receives data on the effectiveness of the actions of each employee.
    5. Work with the customer base - the integration of telephony, web site, e-mail will form a customer base, organize mailing offers to increase brand loyalty and resale.
    In case you want to get logistics and transportation software for dealing with these issues, consider custom logistics software instead of using ready-made products.

    Custom Logistics Software: Benefits

    There are no doubts, it is better to apply for transportation software development services and pay once than preferring unreliable solutions. The benefits of cooperation of ordering custom logistics software are endless. These are some of them:
    • Lack of license fees. The customer is the owner of the developed management software and does not make constant payments for the license of software solutions.
    • Integration with external software products. Transportation management system development provides the ability to customize and fully integrate with existing software solutions to improve business processes.
    • Obtaining the necessary functionality. Creating custom transportation software allows you to get only the automated software functions necessary for a business, completely eliminating redundant functionality.
    • Confidentiality and transfer of rights to the source code. All rights to the custom software development product and its source code are transferred to the customer without restrictions on their further use. 
    All in all, a good logistics software development company like IT Master Soft can help you lead the business to the overall success.

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