Want to build a website or a web app using PHP? There is no better framework than Laravel for building it fast. Hire developers at our Laravel development company and get a scalable and secure web application that uses Laravel on the backend.

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Laravel overview

Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 with the intention to help developers make complex coding simpler, faster, and better. Laravel is powering more than 1 million websites on the internet, some of which were built by our Laravel web development company.

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    Timber auction, order packing system

Our skilled Laravel developers have been a part of many complex and interesting projects.
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Lower costs and quicker results

Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is much faster to build with and way more secure. It allows for building quality products that integrate with everything you need quickly.

Quick web

Thanks to Laravel, you can save hours of development time and reduce hundreds of lines of code compared to raw PHP. It's a pretty efficient framework for rapid app development, because it's simple, clear, and gets the work done.

There is a package for

Packages are ready-made chunks of code that we can use to build any functionality. Laravel is supported by a large community of developers who contribute new packages every week letting the rest of us speed up our web development processes.

Security against common

SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting – Laravel protects your website against common attack vectors out-of-the-box. The rest depends on the technical expertise of the Laravel programmers you hire.

Built with testing in

Laravel ships with testing tools that allow developers to perform unit and integration testing to verify the quality of code and fix errors early. By running tests during development we get c onfident that your system is functioning as intended.

No matter how complicated your projects or tasks are, our Laravel developers will deliver high-quality work.
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Accessible, yet powerful

Laravel is one of the most popular tools for web development. Finding a Laravel app development company is never a problem. Being very accessible, Laravel is also very powerful. But building a robust website requires more than just a framework. Here at IT Master, you get access to the experts who have built dozens of scalable web apps.

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Timber auction app
with Laravel on the backend

Laravel is one of the best tools for creating APIs for mobile applications. It helped us speed up app development for Canadian timber auction.

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Laravel web development company

Order packing system
for an online store

We used Laravel to build a system for an online store that streamlines the process of packing orders before they get shipped to customers. The system integrates with payment systems and shipping services and runs Vue.js on the front-end.

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Transparent communication, polished remote processes, flexible approach.
This is what you get while hiring our skilled Laravel developers from IT Master!

What's the best fit for Laravel?

With Laravel, you can get a fast app that easily integrates with other technologies. Guess what it's the best fit for! (Tshh! Everything)

01 Small scope projects

Laravel is the best option for small business owners because it saves them time and money. If you're looking to hire Laravel programmers, it's pretty easy to find them (hey, you've already done it!). And finally, hosting is going to be cheaper compared to using other technologies. With Laravel, you can develop an app of any type (except machine learning), and any business niche (except banking), and build it here, using our Laravel website development services.

02 Mid-sized apps

If you're worried that Laravel might not be enough for your software, you shouldn't be. Laravel gets more improvements than its peers (Django and Rails), and it has all you need to build a large-scale web app: a rich ecosystem, support for unit and integration testing, room for customization, modification, and extension. And with our Laravel application development company, be sure your software will have the needed stability and scalability.

Build your backend with Laravel. And your frontend with Vue

How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

If you want to hire our Laravel development company, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

During the discovery meeting, our Laravel developers will gather your project requirements.

Step|02 Development

We prepare a project development roadmap and start building your web app. You'll get builds delivered to you every two weeks.

Step|03 Launch

We thoroughly test your product before launch. After the release, our team will be happy to support and maintain your app.

Build a Laravel app. Your idea becomes a project here.

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