IT Master Outsourcing Development Process

Wonder how our outsourcing development process usually goes? Let us uncover the truth.
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First Touch & Discovery Phase

Every challenge we face, we meet as a great way to polish and share the expertise. When our sales team receives your request, we contact you to find out your project requirements. We discuss the project details and our team of professionals provide you with the ballpark estimate.  Every step we make, adheres to the goals you set for your project.

If you are not sure whether the product or the service will be able to justify the resources dedicated to its implementation, we suggest starting with the discovery phase. Our process includes collection and systematization of client requirements. We provide you with lean canvas, prototypes, technical documentation etc

Estimation & Approval

We are working on a Time & Material or Fixed Price basis.  We adjust our management style to the current situation, choosing the one which helps to win the market. We provide you with the final estimation. As soon as we agree on all project implementation conditions, we are ready to go. 

When our cooperation is based on a fixed price model, once a week the project coordinator sends a work status report. An hour of a call is allocated for discussion of this report. If there is a need for additional calls, these meetings are paid by the customer separately. Cost of these calls is not included in the provided project estimation.  When our cooperation is based on the Time and Material/Agile model, all calls and meetings are an integral part of the development process and billed as such.

Development Start & Testing

We understand you don't invest in a black box, you need to see the progress and we are happy to share it every day. We have a strong policy of immediate and professional response. Concise reports, transparent processes and an established system of remote work ensures you that everything in the project works well.

We divide our efforts to give your project a boost. Our professional developers ensure performance and quality as well as adherence to industry standards.  QA specialists identify all the shortcomings that allow improving your product. Project Managers establish communications between all performers and make sure the project will be completed on time. Project Managers also  provide you with constant updates. 

We take into consideration the size of the project, the scope of work and the client’s preferences when choosing the types of communication this project needs to succeed: email, Skype, phone or any other messenger. We set the time frame convenient for both parties to exchange information.

If during a project the client wants to change the agreed upon deliverables, we are ready to deal with it. These change requests can consist of changes which range from minor changes to significant changes that drastically alter the project. We are focusing on how the change will impact your timeline, budget, scope and resourcing. 

If something is blocking the project and is beyond control, our team members don’t hesitate to escalate the issue when the help and guidance of seniors is required. Our communication ladder for escalating issues identify the people who can be approached.

The following steps describe our effective escalation in projects:
  1. Inform about the problem.
  2. Analyse the causes of the problem and the potential impact on the project.
  3. Elaborate on alternative options for problem resolution together with their advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Present the situation together with a recommendation for a way forward.
  5. Explain what happens to the project if the issue isn’t resolved.
  6. Document the results and capture key lessons learned.
Project Management Methodologies

There are several popular approaches which are used by project management, but we stick to Agile methodologies: Scrum & Kanban. They focus on flexible and adaptive workflow. 
Scrum Project Management: It allows instant changes in the product upon receipt of new requirements. Scrum consists of sprints, allowing the team to constantly evaluate the results and receive feedback from the customer and other project participants. 

Kanban Project Management: It allows to track the project progress through the workflow in a highly visual manner. The Kanban board is split into categories that can be added upon necessity. It makes problems like bottlenecks highly visible, allowing the team to identify where processes need improvement. PMI Approach: If Agile methodology doesn’t fit customer’s requirements we follow PMI (Project Management Institute) approach. This approach we offer to those clients who need to know the exact budget for the entire project; who are willing to invest time on technical documentation and specification. But even in such cases we advise to use this approach only to implement MVP and then develop functionality  iteratively using Agile practices.


Lean startup approach and concentration on your business ideas, reduces dramatically your time to market. To concentrate on a business, you don't have to struggle with the parts of the project, you never knew, they exist.

If you are ready to receive highly efficient services, hire our outsourcing development team. 

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