How to choose a perfect subcontractor for your projects?

Perfect subcontractor for your projects

Do you sometimes face the situation, when your marketers have done their job so well that you have got too many orders and you just do not have enough capacity? Sometimes it feels like you could have earned more by giving away the project to another company. This is a small work manual, that will help you choose a perfect contractor for your project.


First and foremost. Who are they? Are they private entrepreneurs or partners of big business? How long ago did the turn to the company? Before you make a choice, take a thoughtful look at their references. How is the company estimated by other entities? In regards to those opinions they should cover not only general impression, but particular issues that involve communication, availability, and flexibility. Reliability is the key source of success in remote work, as there is no in-person pressure to deliver on promises.


    Hardly one service company presentation lacks references, but a very careful partner can ask for the referents’ contact details. Not necessary they are shown on their website – just ask managers for them. No doubt, a living person can describe his/her experience in more than just 3-4 lines, pulled out of the context. For example, all people who are interested can ask for the contact details of the referents on our IT Master website. We understand and appreciate our customers’ carefulness in choosing a long-term subcontractor and want to minimize the risks.


    Seeing is believing. Good managers are taught to talk a lot about their vast experience in projects development and collaborating with third parties. However, try to understand if they have accomplished projects, similar to yours. It is a well-known fact that you can cut the expenses considerably, if the developers don’t waste much time on research. Is it a real estate portal, a social network or a financial e-commerce project? Ask them what their relevant experience is.0


    How many projects have been realized in general? Any statistical information is of high importance. Words are not as accurate as figures. Make managers be more precise and more honest.


    Whatever experience they have, busy times can happen to everybody. Some companies are good for small projects, other ones possess 40 developers and more, which allows you to count on them in stressful In order to prove that long-term relationship is not just an ordinary phrase, ask for 1 or 2 developers to be saved for your projects all the time. So that in case of urgency you can always rely upon them.

    6. CHALLENGE THE MANAGERS – don’t be sorry

    It’s their job to answer all your questions. How fast do they answer you? How competent are they in answers? Do they phone you in order to speed up the process of finding out your requirements, or do they hide behind the wall of correspondence and time zones? These small but significant issues make the agency practices explicit.


    IT Master stands out of the crowd due to its projects that have been developed on our platform. It is a well-known fact that open-source CMS systems are not secure and cannot cope with a massive number of visitors. Interactive platforms that presuppose Role Based Access Control are usually built using frameworks. However, building a web project from scratch is a very time-consuming and expensive thing. In this regard, a perfect solution for creating a safe and industrious website in shorter period is a CMS based on a fast and high-performance MVC framework.

    Fortunately, IT Master has already released a Yii2-framework based CMS. We have already developed several high-loaded projects on this platform. All of them look different, have different set of tasks. But what makes them similar is that they’re secure and flexible for further development.

    All in all, it is hard to find a perfect subcontractor, that fits the bill. Some digital agencies pay attention to presence in media and some of them trust only the enterprises, which have 20+ years of experience. IT Master company cannot boast of high rating positions. This is just not what we aim at. However, when it comes to partners’ references, we are always proud to share them! We have the biggest pleasure in receiving grateful comments regarding our project management and development level.

    Still have not decided on the perfect contractor? We will help you!

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