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No matter how complicated your projects or tasks are, our programmers will deliver high-quality work

Are you looking for individual web programmers or maybe you want to hire a team of dedicated developers for your project implementation? Our team of developers has a great experience in development of both simple and complex web or mobile applications.

Whether you need a web or mobile app project built from scratch or just a set of new functions added to the existing project, you are at the right place. We offer a full range of services related to both web and mobile app project development, from the initial planning and design to deploying the finished code on the live environment along with post launch support and add ons development.

Also you can hire developers selected from our professional staff. Our talented programmers can easily join your team and effectively support your online business.

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  • Full-time, monthly, weekly, part-time, hourly workload and reasonable rate. Our team of experienced developers always uses best practices and writes clean code. We provide high-quality work, prompt feedback and always follow the agreed timeframe.
  • When customers work with remote companies, they often worry about product delivery. Cooperation with our company starts from signing contract and NDA. Thanks to face-to-face communication via Skype or other preferred messenger our customers are informed about our workflow and development process.
  • Almost all entrepreneurs are eager to know for sure who is accomplishing their tasks. Our clients value the opportunity to talk to developers directly. We introduce our team to the product owner, so customers know those dedicated professionals, who are ready to solve complicated issues.
  • Our managers are always available when needed, willing to resolve any issues related to your project. This is especially important when unexpected issues appear.
  • Customers are often concerned about the difficulty of controlling remote workers’ performance. To make this process transparent, we are using different tracking tools, e.g. Toggl, DeskTime, TimeDoctor, Teamwork, etc. Due to these tools we can provide reports that show the amount of time spent for every task.
  • If your team doesn’t understand your needs properly, the project is going to fail. Effective communication is the key to resolving many issues. Our company has an ample experience of implementing projects for customers from all over the world providing high grade outsourcing services.
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We are proud that most of our clients trust us so much that they turn to us again with new projects or for expansion of their existing projects.
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Our professional skills include

  • Web development
  • Mobile APP development
  • Desktop APP development
  • Various API's integration

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Code Quality Assurance
IT Master Soft follows IFSQ (Institute for Software Quality) standards
We are proud to say that we keep to Level 3 in Institute for Software Quality standards, the highest level defined by the association.
More information about IfSQ Level-3 Standard →

Such assessment of computer program source code helps us to develop better products for you, building them in the most efficient way with the use of optimal resources saving up to 70% of your expenses.

Customers are grateful to our team for accomplishing the tasks at a high level, with excellent results and on time.

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Our dedicated developers has been a part of many complex and interesting projects.
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OUR latest cases

Accommodation Booking System
Online Booking Platform
Educational Video Hosting
Telegram cryptobot
SuperCampione - service that saves money

Hire our skilled developers to get the following solutions

high standards
Outsourcing services
Web or Mobile App development for your project
Adding new features to your existing project or full cycle project development from scratch to its launch
Improve, modify the code and fix bugs.
Dedicated development team
Get a full team of developers ready to meet your IT challenges.
You will get remote dedicated developers and each team member is a high class expert.
Your cooperation with the staff will be accomplished on a full or part-time basis.
Team Extension
You will be able to expand your team when needed to fill missing skill set or role on your project.
Our experienced developers will join your team to bring your ideas into life.
You can hire our expert developers here for a reasonable rate.
Contact us and we will help you with your request.
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Why outsourcing / offshore development?

Because when you are looking for remote developers in the future you will
not spend money for:

IT department, office, utilities, workplace (table, chair, computer), for training.
We are always at work 8/5. You pay only for completed work.

If you want to find developers for your personal projects or for your company's projects our team will help you. Our staff consists of a team professional, dedicated web developers who created different projects with rich functionality, and cutting-edge technologies. Unlike having high expenses for keeping regular employees, when you hire developers of our team, you cut not only the costs for salary, but also costs for developer's teaching and skills updating.When you hire developer from IT Master, you receive a team of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated professionals ready to solve all complicated IT issues.

You save on initial investments for:

table, chair, PC, licensed software, time or payment for recruiting, adaptation period of the new
employee, training and educating to the required level of qualification.


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We are an international company with representative offices in several EU countries. During our work we have become a reliable IT partner for many startups, medium-size business, and individual entrepreneurs who need to develop new IT solutions to improve the operation of their business or support their existing projects.

We are very proud that most of our clients have been working with us for years, while 75% of them trust us so much that they turn to us again with new projects or for expansion of their existing projects. This speaks to a high level of credibility of our services and that we fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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