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for art lovers

Glassyca provides full range of services from development of project till its realization.The company cuts the glass and fit all pieces to each other. Glassyca achieves a quality result when the thickness of the seam can be less than 1mm. Then the glass is wrapped in copper foil and soldered together on both sides. If you need additional stiffness, the stained glass can be set by the profile along the perimeter. Then the team colors the seams with dark, bronze, copper or gold color at the request of the customer.

For a start, Glassyca just gets acquainted with all of your wishes and see your sketches (drawings) or just get to know the main idea.Then they make a sketch and together with you select glass according to it. After that, the work begins. Well, after all this, you become the owner of a piece of art. “The main purpose of Glassyca is to inspire and praise passion for beauty in our everyday radiating through the prism of Glassyca.”


  • Individual approach to each product development;
  • Absolute quality of work, because the process brings a great pleasure for a company.
  • Glassyca executes orders in the shortest possible time;
  • On request of the customer, the seams in the products can be covered with both Dutch foil and gold leaf;
  • Glassyca constantly improves itself and the quality of its work;
  • The company works with the materials of only the best glass manufacturers ("Uroboros", "Wissmash", "Spectrum");

You can count on our highly skilled developers.

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