Get your website done quickly, thoroughly, in line with what you need, and for the right price. We offer custom front-end development services to help you create a compelling experience for your customers.

Frontend development

Deliver a superior user experience with custom front-end

The front-end is what your customers see and interact with when they discover your brand or your product. From design to coding to testing and QA, with our front-end web development services you can get an app that's fun to use and easy to scale.

Create a user-friendly

Keep your customers engaged as they're browsing your website and using the functionality it offers.

Design an appealing

Create a clean and simple user interface that looks modern and attracts clients.

Reduce your
maintenance costs

Write code that meets JS development standards and is cheap to maintain.

Keep your site safe
from attacks

Protect your website against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and other types of attacks.

Verify everything works
as it should

Run unit testing to ensure the quality of code and test your website before it goes live.

Reduce page load time
to 2 seconds

Optimize your website's performance to make your pages load fast as recommended by Google.

Test your idea as soon
as possible

Use Bootstrap or Material design libraries with already existing UI elements to launch your idea as soon as possible.

Add new features

Make changes and improvements in your current product easily and without overheads.

What's included?

As a full-service web development company, we create turnkey solutions, taking you from idea to launch through an Agile software development lifecycle. You can outsource your entire project to us or – if you have your own team – hire one or several front-end developers to help you with some programming tasks.

UI/UX design


Custom software development

Custom software

Software testing and QA

testing and QA

Project management


Ongoing support and maintenance

Ongoing support
and maintenance

Hire IT Master Soft for front-end development

Power your front-end with reliable tech

Any front-end application is based on three technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We use front-end development frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js to speed up our coding process.



A building block for static pages, there is no website on the internet without HTML under the hood.

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If there is just plain text on your website, it will look boring. CSS lets you add styles to your content.

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JavaScript brings magic to static web pages turning them into interactive experiences.

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One of the most flexible tools out there, using React you can build anything you want. Fast.

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A full-fledged framework with batteries included, Angular is perfect for a large-scale front-end.

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Vue.js is a great choice for building small apps or adding engaging features to existing websites.

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Featured projects

Take a look at our web projects with custom front-end.

A video conferencing platform

A video
conferencing platform

Think Google Meet but for internal corporate use. We've built this platform for our own needs but can easily integrate it into your project if it requires video conferencing functionality.

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Data collection for the healthcare industry

Data collection
for the healthcare industry

We used Vue.js for building a website that collects statistics about salaries and working conditions of healthcare professionals across the country.

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What our clients say

Take a look at our web projects with custom front-end.

Manager of an online shopping platform

"We had problems with our original website. To get more customers, we decided that we needed a brand new, mobile-friendly platform. The team redesigned our website. They also reworked the menu. They delivered good work. I like their attitude. Along with having an affordable price, their team works fast."

Bram Van Der Veer, owner of Rebel Internet

"We've been working with IT Master Soft for over 2 years now and we highly value their wide range of expertise. We're really satisfied with all the work they put into our projects."

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