Fintech Web Development and Design

While online payments aren’t a new invention, financial applications are on the special rise due to increased demand for fast and secure money transfers. What’s more, their users also expect the highest-end features for a seamless user experience and ultimate security. IT Master Soft is here to help you create a top-notch solution for fintech following the best industry practices. Looking for up-to-date fintech development expertise? Let us share!

Fintech Web Development and Design

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There are a lot of dedicated solutions aimed at helping users and businesses solve related tasks. Conditionally, they can be classified as follows:

  • Money transfer apps. With their help, the users can transfer money in a more profitable condition compared to bank transfers.
  • Banking apps. Leading banks create mobile and web applications enhanced by the most advanced technologies, like neural networks, conversational banking, and predictive AI.
  • Lending apps. Inspired by the blockchain ecosystem, p2p lending solutions are on the special rise since they allow the users to avoid backing bureaucracy and borrow money with fewer risks but more benefits.
  • Crypto Wallets. Everything is obvious with this kind of fintech apps - they allow the users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies.
  • Crowdfunding apps. These applications connect startup initiators to the investors, letting the first raise funds for their project, and the second create an income stream by buying a share in a promising project. You are welcome to take a look at the token-based crowdfunding platform we’ve created for our customers; based on smart contracts technology.
  • Investment apps. These are the platforms that allow for investing in crypto, retail, and other assets. As a rule, they are tailored to the specific investing object and goal.
  • Budgeting apps. AI-powered apps also help users better plan their finances. The most advanced solutions can even predict the expenses based on the user data, shopping, and search intents, plus suggest more winning saving or investment strategies.

Do you have an idea to create an app for any of the categories above? Do it with our high-end tech support!

Core Technologies Behind Fintech Apps

The most advanced fintech apps are powered by the following technologies.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Data gathering, analysis, trends predictions, and anomaly detection are the top features of AI and ML used in fintech apps development. For example, by gathering user data, the app can better understand their behavior patterns to suggest budgeting strategies, for instance. Trends and risks prediction is essential for investment apps - some of them are AI-assisted. Anomaly detection is a core technology for financial fraud protection and prevention. Data classification and analysis helps banks streamline and automate their routine tasks.


Being the most secured ecosystem to date, blockchain networks power the fintech apps in need of ultimate security, irreversibility, and user data protection


You will be surprised to find out that a simple and old-school ATM is the first prototype of an IoT device in banking. A mobile point of sale is a more advanced example of using IoT in the financial technologies industry.

Ready to create an industry-disrupting financial application? Let’s do it together!

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