Features for developing a successful online shop that each online entrepreneur needs to know


Creating an online shop with efficient sales means the improvement of customer’s experience. Modern online visitors have already had high service expectations. That is why before the development starts you have to think over easy to use functionality.

Tip: “You can look through some leading  e-commerce websites and make your own conclusions  about the products, cart and basic functionality placement. Because handy disposing and fast access influences the “visitor to customer” conversion and increases the trading in particular. ”

Our experts would like to save your valuable time and collected the most needed features for profitable online store, that must have a…

... simple in use layout.

The most important thing to which pays attention an average online shop visitor is its design together with functions usability. The main store function is making purchases, you should not overdo mega effects, as a visitor can get confused. And at the same time, in order to stand out among others, you should still invest in the unique style of the site itself, and an example of this may even be a very…

... unique product gallery.

With the help of the gallery, you will be able to show a variety and a sufficient amount of information for each product with a smooth transition from the catalog of goods to its unit. Lay out as many product variations as possible, namely upload a few photos that show in details what you offer and indicate all of its characteristics along with sizes and colors, materials, etc. Rendered 3D models of the goods can be an exclusive mark of your gallery. Satisfy the thirst to learn about the product more even among the most demanding buyers. And if a visitor could get exactly what he needs, it's important to integrate an…

... interactive search filter.

Very basic functionality of each site. But isn’t it important for your potential buyer to find quickly the very same thing? So, the multifunctionality of the search will help site visitors to get what they want with a minimum amount of time. The main thing is to specify the maximum number of variations and characteristics of the goods (sizes, shapes, colors, types, etc.) and perform it in the form of a "game" with fairly clear rules. And this all functionality can be placed on one part of the layout, for example at the top or somewhere on the sidebar, so that the access to the results of a pleasant and quick search are not blocked. Well, in order to monitor the selected goods, it is very reasonable to integrate a....

... visible shopping cart.

You ask what is this or why? So, the visible basket is what the buyer will see throughout his journey on your site. Usually it is fixed on the side bar and there are displayed details like how many items the shopper is supposed to buy.

You certainly have the right to choose such baskets, but its main components are:

  • The total number of products.
  • The total price of the order.
  • A “Checkout” button.
  • A button to access the shopper’s account.

Thus, with the help of quick access to the shopping cart, you can shorten the buyer's way and guarantee a simple experience of using the site. And for a guaranteed purchase it is desirable that there are integrated…

... multiple payment methods.

Let's take a look at the prospects of buyers. Everyone wants to make secure purchases using the payment methods available to them. And to you as an online merchant it is important to help shoppers not to be afraid to entrust their finances and create a comfortable environment for your services usage.

In order to provide a lot of different payment options, you can use a variety of payment aggregators. In that case it will be easier for you to control all transactions through aggregation services for small commission fees.

Here are a couple of popular payment solutions:

  • Solid payments provides state-of-the-art technology that helps merchants to process transactions easily and securely. Solid Payments specialises with strong risk tools and is an expert with fraud prevention and fraud monitoring (source: solidpayments.com/)
  • Authorize.net is a United States-based payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their website and over an Internet Protocol (IP) connection. (source: wikipedia.org)
  • PayPal Express Checkout gives you the flexibility to accept PayPal payments as well as PayPal Credit – a payment option that lets customers pay over time, while you get paid up front.* Buyers can pay without leaving your website for a secure, seamless checkout. (source: paypal.com)
  • Stripe.com is the best way to accept payments online and using mobile apps. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. (source: stripe.com)

Do not forget to configure a secure environment using SSL certificate on your hosting.

So, offering customers multiple ways to complete online transactions is a necessity when it comes to building a successful online store, which must be...

... easily viewable on each device.

Well, if you do not plan to develop a mobile application yet, then the mobile friendly design will help visitors of your site to easily make purchases from their mobile devices and tablets without any obstacles to increasing the layout in order to better consider the product, description to it, or try to read small font of the menu you offer. Thus, the web version of the site will be convenient for users of a wide range. And for the quick access to the store it is necessary the website to be…

... search engine optimized.

And most importantly, what every entrepreneur wants to achieve during the start of a shop is the visibility in the search engines. Do you think that this is impossible at the initial stages of the site's existence? And here it is very even! The key here is that the developer already in the process of creating the website laids the foundations of internal SEO, optimizes the content and structure. Naturally, you will have to resort to SEO during further stages of the site lifetime, but the work done by the programmer will help to visit your unique store faster.

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