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An enterprise that has a strategy has a future. If the further course of the company is decided at meetings, you do not have a strategy at all. You should not be guided by the intuition and opinion of employees, but by factual data. ERP is able to provide you with it in real time. You will be able to receive reports, see information from the departments of procurement, logistics, marketing and supply, accounting, customer service, and production.

The most accurate definition of the term ERP is a business management system. It is a tool for planning human resources, automating and optimizing business processes. With the help of ERP, you can multiply the turnover and flow rate, increase profits from projects, improve the quality of resource planning, ship and produce goods at exactly the prescribed time. You can achieve the main thing - to get rid of the mess in the management. Many modern successful companies have already used this approach.

ERP system frees the time of employees and managers. The staff does not need to perform routine activities that distract from the main task - from making money for the company. By reducing losses and increasing the level of control over the enterprise, you can multiply productivity. Just remember the main rule - better work efficiency gives more profit. The basis of a new ERP system is the creation of single data storage containing all information about the business processes of an enterprise and providing simultaneous access for all employees.

Enterprise Resource Planning provides a specific strategy that works for the future. Competitors who have not implemented a management system or have made it illiterate have no chance to compete with you. So, don’t waste time and apply to software development services.

How Custom ERP Solutions are Created

Usually, ERP software development occurs in three stages. Let’s look at them closer:
  1. At the first development company gets an application from the customer. Its experts make up a technical task on its basis. All requirements for future ERP software should be as clear as possible. Moreover, the functionality of the system should be specified and agreed upon. The final result of this stage is the so-called "paper version" of ERP, that is, a detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the program to be created.        
  2. The next step is direct development. Programmers of the development services transfer the "paper" plan to the PHP language. This process is quite a time consuming and takes about 2-3 months.        
  3. Ready-to-use ERP application is filled with information provided by the customer. The databases of products, customers, employees, price linking and setting up an ordering mechanism are all carefully entered into the system at the next stage of custom software development. This stage is final. Now the finished product is presented to the users.    

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning Development

It goes without saying, enterprises had previously been equipped with accounting and financial management systems. But the corresponding software worked separately, hindering cooperation. The difference between it and modern ERP solutions is custom software that reduces various processes and creates a single management cycle. Its popularity continues to grow every day due to astonishing benefits EPR app development offers:
  • Ease of obtaining the necessary information. You can get it on request from a single database.
  • Full control and synchronization of work processes: they can be built according to the company's hierarchy to ensure consistency, the interconnection of the tasks transferring from one area to another.
  • Standardization of reporting forms and information systems: when using ERP development services, all disparate documentation is reduced to a single, orderly, unified model, and all the functions of independent software blocks are integrated into a common system.
  • Simplifying the daily routine operations of all departments.ERP software development services help free up a lot of resources and expand management functions by automating the “minor” procedures.    
  • Centralization and high-quality protection of information. It is easy to set up differentiated access in ERP systems. Variable security policies are created, data is stored in a single database and can be controlled.
  • Speeding up work cycles, improving the interaction between departments and enterprise resource planning, the ability to organize a corporate system of personal training, and so on.

Why Entrust ERP Development to IT Master

You should order ERP software solutions from IT Master as have been engaged in the development and implementation of ERP for many years already. We have experience, practical skills and an understanding of what software solutions to offer in a given situation. We develop systems of any complexity, we are ready to improve human resource management in both small enterprises of 3 people and large international holdings.

If you need to modify or add something to management software, you can do it without any problems - the source code is open. Also, you do not need to worry about the safety of the received mobile application. It will not depend on third-party companies, our systems are completely autonomous and self-sufficient. It also should be noticed that you will get money spent on ERP application development quickly. In the long run, a resource management system will help your company scale, increase profits and turnover.

Realizing an integrated approach to the implementation of solutions, the specialists of our ERP application development company guarantee the end result - a complete, holistic, full-featured solution for business. All in all, ordering ERP solutions from IT Master gives you a chance to improve enterprise resource planning and start earning big money at last. So, don’t waste time and get in touch with us right now.

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