ERP Systems Development

Custom ERP software well-made and designed to manage your business processes                                                   

ERP Development Services

  • Custom ERP Solutions

We developed our ERP software from scratch for our own needs and we will find ERP solutions dedicated to your needs.

  • ERP Business Analysis

We analyze your current business environment to identify what modules you are using and map methods of their implementation to increase management efficiency.

  • Extending ERP Systems

We create custom extensions based on your needs for your management software (ERP system) including next features: distribution, inventory management, reporting, advanced planning, etc.

  • Data migration

We will help you to move, copy and restructure data from your existing system to the ERP management software.

Functional Modules of Enterprise Resource Planning Software (Modules can be extendable):

  • Human resources - from recruiting to training, payments, holidays, leaves.
  • Management - projects, customers, profiles, projects costing, resource planning.
  • Sales - new projects, experience, estimates, documents templates.
  • Reports - report view, general report.
  • Settings - registration, roles, positions.
  • Manufacturing - from product lifecycle management through a bill of materials, work orders, planning, capacity, workflow management, quality control to the production process, production projects and production flow.

Let's create your own Management System.

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