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We continue getting acquainted you with the real examples of our work and cooperation with various companies. It is high time to introduce one of our constant clients that approached IT Master 4 years ago for the first time. We respect our commitments and we simply can't share its name due to NDA agreement. However, you should know the company successfully operates in the Martech vertical for more than 5 years and the IT Master team assists it to reach every client.

Why Did the Company Approach IT Master?

As you already know the company works in the marketing and sales sphere. So, it has a lot of information to provide its clients with. The company decided to start mass mail campaign to send data to all the potential and current customers. However, the staff faced the problem. Some clients didn’t get the necessary information. The company carried out the research and discovered that many emails hit the spam folder. Luckily, it realized the possible loss of potential clients on time. Therefore, the company decided to deal with experts to get rid of this problem

This is How IT Master Settled Everything Down

Analyzing the available situation and current problems of the company, IT Master offered the creation of an email marketing platform. The client can run mass mail campaigns and don’t have to worry about losing emails in the spam folder. Moreover, such a platform diminishes the risks emails will be blocked

As a rule, our team always stays in touch with a client. That time wasn’t an exception as well. The best specialists worked at the platform, taking into consideration all the client’s requests. In the long run, the company received a professional email platform with such incredible functions as:

  • Quick and simple access via web browser.
  • Set the limits for the number of sent emails. Our client can set limits for a certain period and for each mail vendor (@gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc.).
  • Customization of email design by changing font, background color and uploading images.
  • Convenient creation of templates and editing them when required.
  • Reach target audience by email personalization. Just add required variable like first name, surname etc.
  • You can add subscribers manually or upload all of them via one file.
  • Thorough data analysis. Track email campaign and check email open rate, click-through rate and etc.
  • It is very important to send emails only to people who allowed it. So the platform has built-in opt-out function.
  • And, of course, reach customers’ inboxes effectively thanks to reducing the possibility to receive emails into the spam folder.

The Outcome of our Cooperation

IT Master is always very attentive to the clients’ requests. Before offering a certain solution, the team studies the problem very thoroughly as well as the whole area the company works in. It is a rule number one in modern conditions when the quantity of competitors is increasing every day. As a result, the company got an efficient email platform. It allows sending more letters to a greater number of clients. Finally, the company is one step ahead of its competitors thanks to a relevant solution that really works. Of course, a successful business requires constant enhancing the quality of provided tools and methods. This is what we are aimed at.

IT Master hires the best specialists who are ready to share the most innovative methodology with you and present the winning solutions no matter what problem your company has faced with. If you also want to experience the winning tools for your business, get in touch with our support system at once. The search for a really efficient IT team takes time. After several unsuccessful attempts to find professional assistance, the company approached IT Master. This is how our cooperation began. In the long run, we could offer a complex solution to all its problems.

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