Electron Development Services

Do you want to have an application that is compatible with all platforms available and provides the same rich user experience? Guess, we know the answer. It is definitely yes! IT Master strongly believes you need cross platform development for these purposes. And one of the best cross platform frameworks is Electron.

Electron Development Services

Electron is an open-source framework for building cross platform applications. It was developed by GitHub and now is supported by an active community. Microsoft, Slack, Facebook and a lot of big famous companies use Electron for development.

Electron is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. This framework is based on Node.js and Chromium. This allows to create applications with such popular technologies as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The main idea of Electron development is that developers don’t need to create new code every time. Code is reusable. Developers just create application using single codebase and package it to different operating systems. This also makes maintenance easier. Electron allows developers to focus on the core of the application.

Electron Development Advantages:
  • Saving of time and money. As we mentioned, single codebase is used and any developer can work on anything.   
  • Single team involvement. No need to explain your requirements over and over again. It also reduces testing phase. You will be sure that application has the same functionality on all platforms required.
  • No need to learn a new technology or new language. Developer will just have to study how exactly Electron works and what API it exposes. That way developers will spend less time on creating your application.
  • Large developers community. Lots of ready to use packages are available for everyone. So no need to reinvent the wheel. If developers have some questions they will just study already existed  solutions. This allows to focus on the development itself.
  • Easy deployment and maintenance. Each time you need to  update application it is much easier to do so with the help of  Electron.
  • Faster time to market. Because of all Electron benefits applications are created faster and easier. Applications ships on time. All deadlines are met.   

Electron Development Company

Our team puts a great effort in creating outstanding applications for you. Our skilled developers have a great expertise in cross platform development. We are very keen in using the latest technologies. That is why we offer our clients only the best and the most up-to-dated solutions. We can fulfill all your business needs: iOS, Windows, Android development, desktop application development, software development, mobile app development etc.  Hire our Electron web development team and let’s create Electron app for you!

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