Education Software Development Services

The education sector has brought about a significant shift to online. Work from home and study from home culture is poised to become the new norm. As a result, the edtech solutions whether it is language apps, VR-backed solutions, learning management or video conferencing solutions, received an opportunity to prove their worth.

Education Software Development Services

Not only edtech solutions help a wide range of companies, schools, colleges and universities adopt online learning, but they also allow companies to deliver corporate training and make the learning process globally accessible. Google Classroom, Docebo, WizIQ and Elucidat are some examples of educational solutions that open up ample opportunities to produce learning resources easily and make the process well-organized.

Benefits of Education Software Development services

Ensure accessibility for everyone:

you can complete the online courses or training with no geographical boundaries involved as well as without the need to be present in a classroom.

Generate new learning opportunities:

Not only can you provide new collaboration models and a wide range of engaging learning strategies, but you can also make an educational environment more conducive to training and learning.

Quick delivery of education:

Not only can learners study some specific and relevant areas of the learning material, but they can also define their own learning speed and meet their individual goals.

Improved engagement:

Not only does it help learners truly experience the learning opportunities in a safe online educational ecosystem, but they can also space before employing new skills on the job.

Personalized learning approach:

You can eliminate one-size-fits-all methods of education and opt for personalized learning strategies tailored to individual learners’ needs, interests and abilities.

Accurate assessments and records tracking:

Only by evaluating results based on detailed records can you provide feedback and successfully determine the course of learners development and progress.

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Education Software Development Services we offer

  • E-learning Software Development:

these solutions are designed specifically to create digital learning content to meet different needs and make the learning process simpler and time-effective.

  • Learning Management Software Development:

these solutions are utilized to automate a variety of functions such as administration, testing, tracking and reporting through online courses.

  • School Management Software Development:

these solutions are used to facilitate administration management, speed up school operations and create more time for productive tasks.

  • Student Information Software Development:

these solutions are utilized to meet current hybrid education needs, simplify school operations and allow you to focus on more important activities and tasks.

  • Virtual Classrooms Software Development:

these solutions allow educational organizations to provide real-time lessons remotely by offering the collaborative tools available in a physical classroom.

  • Online Courses Software Development:

these solutions allow you to provide online teaching by delivering live and on-demand courses to meet any needs.

Featured projects

Take a look at the recent projects built by our custom website development company.

Web app for music schools

Web app
for music schools

The app connects music school teachers, students, and their parents to build lesson schedules, monitor the attendance of classes and the progress of students, and simplify accounting.

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Educational video hosting

video hosting

Our client has come up with an innovative and noble idea to create a resource of educational videos: workshops, lectures, master classes, etc. We made this possible by creating a tool in which every user can share skills and pick up some new ones.

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How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

Here is a quick overview of how we work


At this step, our team gathers all the client’s requirements to better understand what learning activities or processes are going to be automated, improved, simplified or created from scratch through an education software solution.


At this step, we identify end-users, markets and risks to increase chances of future education software solution success. In addition to that, we offer technologies that will be used in the project and the number of specialists involved in project development.


At this step, we provide a design plan describing the elements of an education software solution and showing how they fit, interact with each other to fulfill the requirements as well as determine the project scope and offer the best time-money ratio for the product development.


Once the design is approved, software engineers start coding to turn all the requirements written into machine-executable form. Not only do they create the user interface, but they also develop program logic and ensure that all components function correctly within the education software solution.


At this step, our QA/QC specialists undergo rigorous testing to make sure all modules work and interact with other existing systems (if they are) as expected prior to deployment.


At this step, we move the production-ready education software solution to release. After feedback from real users, we can make some improvements. Once it needs no more changes, the final product is ready to be launched.

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Concentration on our customer’s business,their success,and potential these are those distinctive features,which make us truly reliable IT Partners.

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"The company was determined to make the perfect app to meet our business goals. The advantages of working with the IT Master Soft team were their high professionalism and organization."

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"IT Master Soft won us over with its friendliness and willingness to help us at any time. We are used to be responsible for consulting companies, but in this case, we didn't have to."

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