Don’t have an opportunity to pitch? Pitch online from the Web Stage


Find investment opportunities and excite your users by promoting ideas on your Web Stage

Building a startup is not an easy practice. A newborn entrepreneurship is too fragile and new satisfied users acquisition has a lot of barriers.

You cannot express all at once unless you have the honor to pitch on some startup conference. A random interested person will surely ask you: where can I find more information about your startup idea? There is no wonder, it is a common question, because fortunately or not almost everybody on our planet has an access to the global network and to unlimited informational streams.

A bright example of starting from the MVP presentation is a frequently used cloud service “Dropbox”. Drew Houston, CEO and Founder of Dropbox shared his startup idea on a simple landing page and in just 15 months, Dropbox went from 100,000 registered users to over 4,000,000.

The Web Stage is a great place for your startup promotion, where you can implement simple interactive presentation of your progressive ideas and reach new curious followers. The website itself should not have the bells and whistles - there should be a catchy landing page design and it will be enough.

As houses cannot be built without bricks, so cannot a valuable startup presentation exist without certain components. Here are the ‘bricks’ of the presentation: User-friendly interface

It must be usable for people without big experience in surfing the Internet. No long outdated single-page websites - don’t bore your visitors.

Quick demo of your product

Show the exact life-changing experience of your product. Illustrate the full process from acquiring it to the brilliant changes it will lead to.

Your team presentation

How many brilliant people work for your startup? What is their career background? It is essential to see the people behind the scene. What else if not your team photos can make you closer to the potential audience?

Some successful results

If you are happy enough to have realized an interesting project - why not share it on your Web Stage? It can lead to a real-time feedback from the visitors and you will see the ways to improve it.

Plans for future

Don't be afraid to get an evil eye. By sharing the plans you can prove that you are ambitious and will not stop on already achieved goals. Luckily, our customers do not hesitate to share their plans with us.

A counter of users registered (financial support received, goals achieved etc.)

An interactive counter showing your startup in progress is a must. Create an automatic solution, that calculated for you.


If you have already started your startup realization as a small business and have first satisfied customers, never hesitate to share their positive feedback about your cooperation.

Contact information

Young startuppers usually underestimate the value of contact details, although it is one of the most important parts among all others. Potential clients or even investors will be able to see where you are based and get in touch with you at once.

Of course, the main barrier that stands out is the funding. Newborn startups do not usually have a lot of resources. And this is where research can help you. Take advantage of remote performers who can offer the work accomplishment for a fair price.

Let's face it - nowadays the world most successful businesses have begun as a startup. Many of them started their way to the highest peak as MVP. It helps entrepreneurs experience the first results and understand the real needs of the customers with only minimal efforts. The main goal of the MVP is to test your business ideas in a live environment.

And if the Web Stage gets to the Broadway level, the star(t)uppers will receive beneficial partnership and investment offers.

So why not invite your startup to an audition ?

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