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Dedicated Software Development Team

IT Master is a professional web and mobile app development company with over 8 years of experience. The main reason companies from all around the globe are cooperating with us is our dedicated software development teams. We are proud of meeting needs of the most demanding customers from Western Europe, USA, UAE. Whether you need to start a whole new project from scratch, add new functionality to the current project or simply improve the code and fix bugs, we are ready to help you. If your project requires web development or mobile application development, data analytics. technical expertise or software testing, we will setup a team of certified developers that will deliver effective solutions.
We are also ready to help you with software development team which is fully at your disposal. Our outstaffing process provides you with all required resources. Receive full control over team size and team extension. We have an ability to hire great professionals for every technology available on the market. You can be sure that we thoroughly pick our team members. Candidates pass interview not only for tech skills but for soft skills as well. Do not hesitate to hire your remote dedicated team that will be a part of your in-house team.

Dedicated Teams for Software Outsourcing

Why do you need to hire outsourced developers team when you can easily have your own in-house crew? Just check out the benefits of hiring dedicated project team:
  • No recruiting cost. We’ve created a qualification process that gives us an opportunity to find top talented team members. Get an access to our dedicated developers talent pool.
  • No cost of running in-house team. You don’t have to worry about sick leaves, parental leaves, vacations or days off. Our dedicated development team is available any time.
  • No infrastructure development cost. Save yourself from paying rental costs, taxes, buying office supplies. No need to fit into criteria of your own native town. Enjoy maintenance costs absence.
  • No associate cost like promotions, training etc. IT Master invests in our team learning and growth. Each member of our dedicated development team is a specialist in the field.
Let us worry about all mentioned above areas. You can focus on what you do best. Your business.

Professional and customer focused approach

IT Master will guarantee you high performance. People in our dedicated development teams have experience with a variety of programming languages and technologies in both web and mobile app development. We are able to meet clients needs. When you are cooperating with IT Master you can expect:
  • Effective communication. We are providing personalized service with instant response times. Different timezone is not an issue for us.
  • Access to talent pool. Our team consists of efficient developers with proficient skills and relevant programming experience.
  • On-time delivery. We are taking care of our projects and believe in on-time project delivery.
  • Flexibility. Our dedicated team model allows you flexibility throughout the process.
  • Ease of control. You can use any tracking system of your choice: DeskTime, TimeDoctor, Toggl, Worksnaps as well as ticket systems like Redmine,Trello, Asana, Redbooth etc.
  • Dependability. Our team starts and creates project that exactly meet your requirements.
  • Endurance. Our outsourcing software development company does not give up when faced with obstacles.
  • Efficiency. Our dedicated project team is aware how to do things with high quality assurance.
  • Affordable and reasonable rates. Full-time, monthly, weekly, part-time, hourly experts at competitive price.
When you hire developers from IT Master, you receive a team of experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals ready to support you throughout the process.

How it works

If you are ready to receive highly efficient services, hire our dedicated development team. Wonder how the process usually goes?
  1. First touch. We get your project requirements. In order to meet your requirements we need to know what you want first.
  2. Discussion. We discuss the project details. The more details, the better.
  3. Brainstorming. Our experts find the most effective solutions for project implementation (technologies, skills)
  4. Estimation. We estimate the project. Full-time, monthly, weekly, part-time, hourly experts at competitive price.
  5. Approval. Final agreement on all project implementation conditions. We start implementing the project that 100% meets your requirements.
  6. Start. The developer or dedicated team of developers get down to work.
Contact us and we will provide you with the top dedicated software development team.

Hire Dedicated Developers

In IT Master we offer a wide range of services. We create attractive websites with modern design, rich functionality and cutting-edge technologies as well as easy-to-use mobile applications.
Check out the list below and let us know what skills you need:
CakePHP, Laravel, Codelgniter, Zend, Yii, Yii2, Kohana framework etc
- HTML/CSS, Javascript
Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js etc
- CMS Systems
TYPO3, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc
- APIs integration
Google API V3, Facebook, Twitter API, MailChimp API etc
- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects
- AutoCad. 3D Max and Maya

We take care of everything related to the effective project operation. Receive full project transparency and control over the development process. Contact IT Master now and hire dedicated software development team!

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