Custom Web Application Development

What is a Custom Web Application?

Custom web application development is not just simple websites creation. These are electronic payment systems and e-banking, corporate portals including workflow, emailing, calendars and plenty of other functions.

Modern web apps are already comparable in their capabilities with classic applications (desktop applications). Thus they can be available in any place and time on PC, tablet or smartphone. These features make web technologies very attractive for a wide range of business tasks.

Our Experience

IT Master Soft company caters overall web application development services with our devoted team ready to instrument your business ideas.

We build custom web based applications for individuals and entrepreneurs. Our history of productively working with clients from Western Europe, the USA, and the UAE gives us great pride in satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers. We are the IT Masters with over 8 years of web development experience that enables us to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated team is a community of unique time-proven experts united by a common goal: creation of modern, effective applications that enhance business for our clients. Your success is our success!

Web Application Technologies

Today there is a wide range of different programming languages that we can use for web development. For example, if 10 years ago everyone mostly used Java, today it can be almost any language, and it is stereotypically to say that websites are made with a particular language. It is connected with the development of the languages ​​themselves, over the last decade many have advanced greatly in development and have received ample opportunities. Of course, each language is different, and choosing ones we must be guided by objective criteria considering project tasks.

The larger the project, the more the stack of technologies that it uses. In huge portals, several programming languages can be used at once.

Often one language can solve one problem well, and another one can solve another one.

What technologies does IT Master Soft agency use?

We use such technologies as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL), C#.

For mobile development we can offer Java, Objective C, Swift and our wide range of frameworks and libraries include Yii2, Laravel, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Joomla, React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, .NET Framework.

Custom Web Development Solutions

IT Master Platform is based on PHP version 7+, that allows to increase the speed of loading pages, reduce server response time and generally improve the performance of your web application.

We use the framework for the flexibility, extensibility and security of your web application, also it allows you to reduce development time and adjust the optimal performance for your application.

Thanks to IT Master Platform, we can quickly deploy the following functionalities that will work in your web application:

  • Users and roles
  • Static pages
  • Media files
  • Emails
  • Catalog of goods
  • Orders
  • Menu
  • Slider
  • Countries
  • Topics
  • Translations

All this you can configure in the admin panel. The basic information from these modules can be displayed in the Dashboard. As a result, you get the maximum functionality in minimum time.

The Benefits of Using  Custom Web Application Development Services

  • Installing web applications is cheaper and much easier. Through the use of web applications, you can reduce the cost of maintaining IT departments that are responsible for installing and maintaining software. In this case, you simply have a computer with a browser and connection to the Internet or corporate network.   

  • Upgrading web applications is cheaper and much easier. The cost of software maintenance is always very important. The software update is very similar to its installation, so the advantages that have been mentioned are also present in this situation. In order to update the web application, it must be updated only on the server and all can work with the new version at once.

  • Web applications are more versatile and practical for the end-user. You just need to install the web application on a server running any modern operating system and you can use it in the Internet on any computer or mobile device running Mac OS, Windows, Linux or some other OS. If the applications are made qualitatively then they will work equally well in any browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

  • Web applications make it easy to organize data storage. If there is a need to access the same data from different locations, it is much easier to organize their storage in one place, instead of spreading over different databases. This eliminates the need for synchronization and increases the degree of their protection.

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