Building a native app is expensive and time-consuming. But you still need to reach your mobile audience. We offer cross-platform mobile app development services to help you build an app that works across any platform quickly and cost-effectively.

Cross-platform tools we use

Cross-platform tools we use

Our cross-platform mobile app development company specializes in React Native and Xamarin. We also have hands-on experience with Ionic and Cordova. If you don't know which framework suits you best, we can provide you with a free consultation.

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React NativeReact Native

One of the best cross-platform frameworks built by Facebook. We've used React Native for building a video chat app and a loyalty application that uses beacons.

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Xamarin allows you to use all of Android and iOS notifications, graphics, animations, and other phone features. It provides C# bindings to native APIs.

UPS, Alaska Airlines, Microsoft News, Azure app

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With Ionic, you can build mobile-optimized UI components using Angular, React, Vue, or even pure JavaScript.


Like Ionic, Cordova works on JavaScript. Cordova provides plugins that allow you to access device-specific features.

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Advantages of cross-platform mobile app development

Cross-platform app development cuts your bill and allows you to enter the market faster. This is exactly why we consider it the best option for startups.

Save money


Building an app using cross-platform technologies allows us to save up to 40% of your project costs compared to native app development.

Reach a wider audience

a wider audience

iOS, Android, web – you can use one and the same codebase to build an app that reaches a broader target audience.

Speed up time-to-market

Speed up

With cross-platform app development, you can move faster. Accelerating app development allows you to be the first in your niche.

Create a seamless user experience

Create a seamless
user experience

Users don't see the difference between a native app and a cross-platform one. Today's technologies allow for creating a truly native UX.

Our services include

  • UI/UX design
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Software testing and QA
  • Project management
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

We provide end-to-end application development services. Our Agile software development lifecycle is focused on delivering a working solution as fast as possible through design, development, testing, and support phases that permeate every iteration.

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Featured projects

Take a look at the cross-platform apps we developed.

ThankMe: A gratitude exchange app that uses beacon

A gratitude exchange app that uses beacons

ThankMe allows businesses to thank and reward their customers and allows users to tip, thank, and support each other. The app includes native features such as push notifications, Bluetooth, and a camera. We've built it really fast using React Native for both platforms.

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Warehouse management application

management application

We've built a system that helps warehouse managers process orders, manage products, work with a barcode scanner, and more.

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What our clients say

Concentration on our customer’s business,their success,and potential these are those distinctive features,which make us truly reliable IT Partners.

Managing Director, Campaign Strategy Provider

"Within 3 months of work, we could deliver the customer with a completely overhauled product that met their (and our own) expectations. The most important outcome was meeting the more than a tight deadline. We had the feeling that we dealt with professionals, trustworthy processes, and a well-motivated and trained team."

Alex Stone, Founder, Alesto Digital Consultancy

"They’re self-starters and don’t require me to explain every step of the development. Generally, they solve issues on their own."

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