C# is a popular programming language.We are very keen in using the latest technologies. That is why we offer our clients only the best and the most up-to-dated solutions.


C# overview

Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C# object-oriented programming language is used for creating desktop applications, web applications and web services. Being an exceptionally versatile programming language, C# provides functionalities that the dynamic web platforms require and allows C# programmers to build interactive environments. As it adopts the best features of Java and C++ that make it widely reuseable, not only can C# development teams produce results faster, but it allows them to deliver highly efficient and scalable software solutions.

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    Delivery Hero, Accenture, Alibaba Travels, Intuit, Stack Overflow, Hepsiburada, ViaVarejo

  • Apps built by IT Master Soft

    Warehouse management application, production line automation

Scalable and updatable

Development Time

Thanks to C#’s rich class library, development teams can implement multiple functions of the software projects quickly and easily. Not only does it help C# programmers accelerate the development process by eliminating writing complicated pieces of code, but they can also launch new products faster and help clients outperform their competitors.


With C# technology, C# programmers can increase the performance of the software solutions and make them efficient and optimized. Only by staying tuned to new C#’s features can develop teams create high-performance solutions with intuitive interfaces and top-notch user experience.


Being a type-safe object-oriented language, C# allows development teams to create a great number of secure and robust software solutions. Powered with authorization, authentication and backup features, you can be sure that sensitive information or access to the company's important files will be protected as well as data leakage will be prevented.


Being an easy-to-maintain and scalable programming language, it allows C# programmers write static code that makes software solutions reliably consistent. Not only does it help them make an easy adjustment and smooth maintenance, but they can also scale software solutions according to any business needs and requirements with custom modules and extensions

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Fast and simple

C# app development has a number of objective advantages for your business.

Rapid app development


Scalable backend with Azure


Native user experience


Scalable backend with Azure


Warehouse management application

management application

We've built a system that helps warehouse managers process orders, manage products, work with a barcode scanner, and more.

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Production line automation

Production line

The system automates production processes allowing to speed up and facilitate work on production lines.

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What's the best fit for C#?

With C# technology, we can help our clients address the challenges by creating scalable and high-performance digital solutions!

01 Desktop applications

Combining C# with .NET, C# programmers can create desktop applications tailored to unique business needs. Whether you run a small company or multinational corporation, our well-versed development team can produce impressive desktop applications that will drive your business growth.

02 Mobile applications

With C# technology, you can go cross-platform and get a single application suitable for all devices. Not only our C# developers can deliver feature-rich, functional, and native-like mobile solutions, but they can also create practical and seamless experiences on any device with ease.

03 Large-scale web applications

Only by using C# technology our developers can build a plethora of complex web solutions including web applications, eCommerce sites, data-driven sites and dynamic SPAs. Equipped with rich features and functionality, you can make sure they are fast, secure, high-performance and scalable.

04 Game applications

Our dedicated team of C# programmers can help you break into the world of entertainment by developing fun-to-play games. Not only can they deliver breathtaking visuals and a perfect gaming experience, but they can also make sure your game solution is user-friendly, interesting and works perfectly.

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How we build web apps at IT Master Soft

If you want to hire our C# development company, here is what our process looks like.

Step|01 Discovery

At this stage, we gather all the essential information about a future product. Not only do we define the functional and non-functional requirements of the project, but we also make project estimates and plan the development process. This helps every team member work well together and set out the aims and objectives as well as choose a tech stack and define the architecture of the future product.

Step|02 Development

At this stage, we start the development process once we have a detailed version of the future product. Only by creating the project roadmap and breaking down the high-level project requirements into tangible tasks can C# programmers work on the project and produce visible results presented during demo sessions every two weeks.

Step|03 Launch

At this stage, the C# development team ensures that the client’s needs have been effectively addressed by meeting all the requirements, attaining project goals and delivering working software. Only by evaluating and testing the software solution can it be successfully Introduced into the market and drive great results.

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