Business Process Automation

1. What do we need business processes for?

More often we are asked by our customers if we can advise a Business Processes Management tool that can solve their problems:

  • departments delegate responsibility from one to the other
  • people in charge don’t know what they are assigned to access to documents is given to wrong people
  • it is hard to understand which stage is a project on departments do not clearly understand their duties
  • no opportunity to store, edit, group and view documents using one software
  • no opportunity to analyze which department holds back the process
  • no chance to estimate each employee’s productivity

You can find an answer to this question at the end of the article, or you can find an explanation to what is a business process and why does it need managing? It is basically a collection of related, structured activities that produce a specific service or product for particular customers. Even startups start to implement business processes at the earliest stage of development.

All kind of industries have similar management processes:

  • strategy and planning
  • budgeting
  • compliance

… and similar support processes:

  • accounting
  • IT services
  • recruitment

Core processes are somewhat different depending on the business domain, but for service companies it is usually:

  • design and development
  • manufacturing
  • delivery

The GREAT GOAL of process management lies in business efficiency improvement:

  • less expenses
  • faster results
  • better quality
  • bigger profit

2. How to put the business process on flow to save time for monitoring?

Given that we live in the age of modern technologies, a resourceful entrepreneur doesn’t need to monitor all the activities and steps of the process in Google Spreadsheets, e-mails; or organize regular meetings and thus disturb your chiefs from their direct responsibilities.

Results that entrepreneurs get after implementing a BPM tool:

  • every employee knows their responsibilities -> business processes are 2 times faster;
  • operational tasks are delegated to employees -> CEOs are in charge of strategy only;
  • tasks are executed on time and every step is monitored -> cost and time saving;
  • employees are given more responsibility -> CEOs are not disturbed with current issues;
  • CEOs can define ‘bottlenecks’ and evaluate the situation anytime -> full control over the business

So now when you know why a BPM tool is so important to business, let’s look at one particular example of it.

3. Which BPM tool to choose to be flexible with data? PROCESS CHAIN - build a chain of activities and watch them being automated

IT Master has recently built a cloud-based Process Chain - a BPM tool within a greater ERP system. Its main advantage lies in its configurability. No matter how large your chain of process activities is, admins can customize it to the necessary level of display.

What are the advantages of Process Chain?

  • highly customisable reports on productivity;
  • two possible solutions: desktop app and cloud service;
  • all the documentation is stored in one tree-like place;
  • odd modules can be safely disconnected to cut the costs;
  • step-by-step process transfer with e-signature, not to lose responsables;
  • easy for a new user to learn how to visualize your own process;
  • responsible people are notified (by e-mail or a messenger) when they need to take care of the next step in the process;
  • automated defining of the responsible person based on the data entered earlier

Process Chain leads to increased revenue, cost-cutting, waste reduction, errors prevention, thankful customers, business growth and more. It is a cyclic process in which there is always room for improvement within a process.

Are you the one who wants to make the communication within the company more consistent and clear. If one colleague understands what the other does, the processes will flow better, the performers will be happier, and the company will be healthier.

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